Burger King learns how sacred the cow is to Hindus

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Above the Fold, Good for a Giggle, Religion Potpourri
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Turn your head, vegan aficionados. We are about to talk hamburger, religion and the faith it takes to crush two all-beef grilled patties.


Shiva? Well done.

Shiva? Well done.

It seems Burger King, home of the Whopper, committed a big one in the world of advertising recently.

So much so that the global monarch of beef had to apologize to its Hindu customers all across Spain, as seen in WOW News’ Faith Central.

It seems like an oxymoron, I know. We have Hindus who arguably adores those bovine beauties more than the PETA folks and somehow know about an advertisement at a burger joint? Stranger things have happened.

Someone is not so committed to his or her Dharma, just sayin’.

“Burger King’s judgment in associating a burger with a Hindu goddess is absolutely baffling,” commented Suhag Shukla, director and legal counsel of the Hindu American Foundation.

The Brahma bedlam incensed the Hindu nation because that cute, quad-appendaged babe in the window is actually Lakshmi – the Hindu goddess of wealth, fertility and wisdom.


If that lack of theological research wasn’t bad enough, there’s that catchy headline in the ad:

“La Merienda es Sagrada,” which loosely means “Tea-time is Sacred”

Some believe that literally means “snack,” but eh. And in Hindu, snack literally means “hearty lettuce and turnips with ketchup.”

So, in an effort to redefine advertising jargon”for a limited time only,” as soon as that lovely photoshopped gem went up in windows, it came down like a luscious patty slabbed on a hot and steamy grill.

Well, that’s too bad. But it is a little surprising.

Looks like Jack is a Christian. Bad King, bad!

Looks like Jack is a Christian. Bad King, bad!

Hinduism is about the most polytheistic religion in the world, so how in the world did the Hindu nation keep up with this savvy burger babe?

How many Yogis show up jonesin’ for a triple stacker? Ever seen someone with an Avatar show up for a BK Value Meal? Well, that’s Hindu?!

I don’t know if Gandhi ever made it to Barcelona but good to know reincarnation makes it way to tropical climates.

It’s just a shame because this was Lakshmi’s chance at fame. And now, because of some meddlesome, tantric lacto veg-head, she has to go back in the life of some knobby-kneed five-year old in Tibet. Poor lady.

At least she did prove another BK advertising campaign, “It takes two hands to hold a Whopper.” Not so much. Thanks, Lakshmi!


  1. Whoopers says:

    perhaps it’s time for the Veggie Whopper.

  2. Suresh Vyas says:

    The writer of the article and also the web site are anti-Hindus. It shows by the language and manner used to describe the goddess Laxmi.

    The Vedic (that means Hindu which is a wrong name of Vedic) dharma and culture teaches to not insult other religions or ‘gods’. Here, the writer, probably a Christian, or an atheist, clearly shows his disrespect for Hindu gods.

    The thing to note is that a non-Hindu does not have to accept Laxmi as goddess, and no Hindu knocks anyone’s door to propagage Hindu dharma. And the Hindu’s belief in Goddess or any other belief does not take away the freedom of the non-Hindus in any way. The Hindu dharma is milleniums old, and the history shows that unlike Christians and Islaam, the Hindus never went out to conquer other lands to force Hindu dharma on the non-Hindus. Hindu dharma is always accepted by free will. Despite the genocide of Hindus (56 millions plus slaughtered) caused by the Islaam invaded in Bhaarat for 1000 years, Hindu dharma still survives and is vibrant.

    Now think, who has the moral ground to cause world peace?
    The answer is: only the Hindus because, other than them -especially Christianity and Islaam – have no ground as they want to convert the whole world, and they are not tolerant of the non-believers. Both have killed non-believers and forced them to accept their faiths.

    So, the people need to think and understand what is good and not good.

    Just because something is different does not mean it is bad or a threat. Take time to undersand please.


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