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A funny thing happened to Pastor Jose Elias Moran when assisting a stopped motorist one day – he was given a taser to his tail so fast, it was like he was a crack addict on “Cops”.

I mean, Zapped! Really making Scott Baio and Willie Aames proud [a little obtuse 80s humor for you].

And the home of the brave... by God!

And the home of the brave... by God!

Anywhoo, according to the report in FOX News, there are two faces to this story:

Webster Texas po po say Pastor Moran “interfered with the traffic stop.”

Church members who watched the whole thing, and who incidentally were dispersed by pepper spray, agree with the pastor’s wife, “A pastor has to tend to his flock. That is all he was doing.”

So, which was it? What happened? And what up with peppering the sheep? Getting them ready for lamb chops?

Police stops a driver – a church member – in front of an early morning prayer service at the Iglesia Profetica Peniel church. Suddenly, Moran decides to become the on-site counselor and cops get nervous ending up tasing Pastor Sticking-My-Nose-In-None-Of-His-Business.

I understand his calling, but understand the police officer’s calling: they have someone pulled over and trust me, it’s assumed every car pulled over has someone tweaking ready to pull for his 9MM.

With that understood, here comes Super Pastor who apparently wasn’t listening to, “Sir, this is not your concern.”

However, I’m sure he didn’t go thug life and try to really ruin this cop’s day:

An incident report on the Webster police department’s Web site said Officer Raymond Berryman tried to calm Moran and arrest him. But police say he pushed the officer, went inside the church and returned with 40 other congregants.

As for the driver, he was released with two citations. However, starting the Watts riots over homeboy getting a speeding ticket is taking its toll:

Speaking from a hospital bed Wednesday night, Moran told The Associated Press he planned to hire an attorney to file charges against the officer. He was being held at the hospital overnight for additional tests.

Unless this officer thinks he is Wyatt Earp, I doubt he just yanking his taser and zapping the poor pastor unless there was a reason, but what could it be? Cop went to the church, wasn’t that crazy about the worship, so he punks the pastor?

Whatever it was, I have a feeling when Pastor Moran is released from custody, and from his warm hospital bed, I think the local holiday toy drive with the police department may be called off. Just sayin’.