First, it was Ed McMahon. Then, Farrah Fawcett. Now, Michael Jackson.

If I hear Darth Vader and the guy who invented Members Only jackets are gone, and the 80s will officially be over. And for some people, it already is with the passing of the self-entitled “King of Pop.”

Michael Jackson was many things to many people. There wasn’t a single person alive with the ability to speak who didn’t have an opinion on this man. And who was the last person that could say that?

Even Michael looked like this from time to time

Even Michael looked like this from time to time

His music was always there – and so were the harrowing stories – and then in a flash, all we had was his music because the man was gone. But despite the rumor mill spinning like a wheel in the middle of the Daytona 500, let me ask you something:

In the words of the hallowed Maximus Dedimus Meridius, “Were you not entertained?”

When Google crashed – yeah, Google – as a result of people trolling for insight on Michael Jackson’s death, one of quickest things that happened was downloading his music.

Why now?

Folk weren’t searching for latest on pedophilia, homosexuality or really bad outfits looking like Captain Crunch.

No, it was the music, because after the source is gone, what’s left is the legacy.

If you didn’t like “Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough” or “Working Day and Night” while he was alive (and this reporter SHO’ NUFF did), why rush to the Net and flush out of stock now?

It’s because people don’t really appreciate and cherish items while they are in front of their face.

Jesus people, we can learn something from this mayhem. Much was the case with Jesus and if Ridley Scott was around in Gethsemane, perhaps Christ’s words would have been echoed in a gladiatorial coliseum.

Consider the miracles. The feats of mercy. The love shown despite circumstances. Followers of Christ, “Were you not entertained?”

Why wait until it’s too late to appreciate what we have? Why wait until folk can’t discuss different ideas and ruminate opposing views to simply talk facts? Remove said things and that’s when the memories are beholden to those who had them – whether about Jesus or, in this case only, Michael Jackson.

But, as a body of Christ, we understand we are not here to live for self, but for God. We don’t worry about tomorrow, but today. We exist to serve Jesus, not man.

Probably looking for Jesus there too

Probably looking for Jesus there too

And so, to give closure to the countless millions in the Church who still adored Michael Jackson despite the terrible stories, I’ll ask the question out loud that you’re afraid to ask at this week’s Bible study, “Was he a Christian?”

Without question, Jackson was on a quest of “spirituality.” But where did it lead him?

He had a knowledge of the Bible. Listen to the “Man in the Mirror“, read James 1:22-25 and you tell me. But was it a full understanding that Jesus is Lord?

Thanks to Another Brick in the Wall, Get Religion, we read a gripping article about that very thing and Michael’s troubled soul who traipsed through a Kingdom’s Hall and ended up (allegedly) in a Mosque.

And now, thanks to his brother Jermaine, that’s possibly his lasting legacy on the religious map:

If “Allah is with him always,” the King of Pop may have more issues than the debt he left behind.

Late last year, reports were viral and contagious as it was said Michael Jackson took the shahada and was now known as “Mikaeel.”

He would be seen wearing a face-covering burga – for some, it was religious practice and for others, it was plastic surgery run-a-muck.

And all the while, no one seemed to care about his soul… just keep cranking out that legendary music, Michael… or however you are spelling it now.

Some consider a person’s doxology should be as private as his vote, but if you are saved, that commitment should be as public as what color you are. [Yes, there’s a joke there considering the topic, but I’ll reserve that at this time :)]

However, it was painfully obvious to those of us who considered ourselves “fans” that Jackson was not comfortable in his own skin.

Yeah, there’s the vicious self-altering “Before and After” pictures, but that struggle goes to deeper depths than just debates about melanin.

Again, you don’t go from the Watchtower, tour the Bible and end up on a Musallah and not have plaguing questions about God, Jesus and your eternal demise.

Jackson clearly was riddled with those questions, and he like so many before him, had a public life of good works to help him sleep well at night. From “We are the World” to the amazing benefits he did for children with life-threatening disease, but he didn’t take those with him.

Sure, we all talk about them now, but works aren’t enough, as Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us.

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.

Who was there to tell him that? Jesse? Al? A day late and a dollar short.

He was 8 years old singing with his brothers on national TV. He lived his life on stage, in front of cameras and under the eye of speculation.

And in a life of zoo animals, little children and corny dogs (otherwise known as Neverland), it’s no surprise there wasn’t someone of a Christ-like mindset to tell him about the Lord.

Back to TMatt and the “Get Religion” piece:

So what does this add up to, in a tragic life that begins with — Jackson said — years of physical abuse as a child, followed by years under the knife of doctors, lawyers, psychologists and paparazzi? There is a religion ghost here, or two. But does that mean that there is a religion thread throughout this troubled life, other than yearning and confusion?

To be seen soon in St. Peter's Basilica?!

To be seen soon in St. Peter's Basilica?!

Candlelight vigils. 24/7 Michael music on local radio. Outstanding tributes on national TV (Shout out to the BET Awards. Very nice). All are necessary for this pop music legend, but it’s not enough if that decision for Christ wasn’t made.

Heck, even the Vatican’s newspaper has dubbed Jackson the “Black Elvis”. Well, not really, but they did call him “IMMORTAL!” The Vatican! Seriously?!

But will he really be dead? It wouldn’t be surprising if, in a few years, he was spotted in a gas station in Memphis, perhaps with his former father-in-law Elvis Presley, another of those myths – like Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix or John Lennon – that never die in the imagination of their fans. And Michael Jackson, who died yesterday at the age of fifty, is definitely a pop music legend.”

But the eternal question is “What was the King of Pop to the Prince of Peace and the King of Kings?”

And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment (Hebrews 9:27 NKJV).

Ah well, who knows? But, as you can see to the original opine, he was many things to many people.

And if those aforementioned, his friends or even his own parents didn’t care enough to ask about his relationship with Jesus Christ, I suppose the only question they’re left asking is, “Were they not entertained?”

Until the eternal answer is confirmed – and it won’t be this side of heaven – we will all have his remarkable music and continue to be entertained by the music behind the man… not the other way around.

  1. cautious says:

    This was a good read. I must admit that I also did some searching on whether MJ was a Christian. Whatever for? I was curious as curious does. Read he became a Muslim after his brother Jermaine suggested it. My thought was, whatever for, because Michael still found no peace.
    For one to be Christ-like, it is not easy. But to try to administer God’s love by giving and sharing is still a good gift from God. If anyone can lay hands on anyone and heal them then you certainly have a mighty gift from God. There are many gifts.
    Michael was a Jehovah Witness, brought up as one. JW rejected him from their Kingdom Hall, their choice and not his. I believe that what Michael had learnt in his primary days he still tried to maintain that. (Furthermore would he have been able to perform house visits – well we know that was impossible without fans crowding around.) No one could take this away from him, so he already had knowledge of Christ. Mixed up ideas, maybe, to try to build love, crazy – no. Many before MJ has done the same so this is nothing new. Many people have died trying to bring an altogether love between people.
    What was so easy for him to do was to bring people together worldwide through music and then give them the message by showing them how. It is called setting an example. No one is perfect. The flesh will always dominate over the spirit until it is free from the flesh.
    I cannot judge, it is not my calling as judgement belongs to God.
    I reckon Jermaine was simply trying to help his brother, that’s all. To find peace after a storm and that is not easy as there is always mess to clear up.
    Michael’s death was extremely sad – something to think about and not ridicule. A person can still be alone in the world.

  2. […] was a somber time for a genius entertainer (again, were you not entertained despite it all), and the world will never forget him. Well, not until the press forgets him first. Get […]

  3. RIPMichaelJackson says:

    The world was recently saddened by the sudden loss of pop icon Michael Jackson. In memoriam of this legendary and one-of-a-kind performer, Ztarlet Star Registry has dedicated an actual star in his memory – as a symbol of the bright light that Jackson brought to the music industry and his millions of loyal fans across the globe.

    Digg this!

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  5. Sunday Seven says:

    […] MJ – Were You Not Entertained?  A long and winding (but satisfying) look at Michael’s spiritual condition at The Writing on the Wall. […]

  6. Richard says:

    Generally this is a bit funny and reality. This guy may have been well known to the earth as a individual but how come at first he was a “christian” then a muslim?
    As the text say know one of Christ-like could tell him about Christ then he couldn’t think of changing his side.

    All in all men have to die and appear before judgement may it you on Chrsit side or other gods’ side. May it you are the King of Pop, King of Raggie all is vanity.
    The Judge will decide on which side to go.

  7. gcmwatch says:

    So much confusion. I still think the world hungers for a saviour who has already come. Too bad they miss HIM and opt for others who are flawed humans like themselves at best.

    Big picture synopsis.

    I did love Rock Wit U though.

  8. josh says:

    Hi all,

    These rumors of famous ppl accepting Christ always float around. We do know that he died from a drug overdose for now. Therefore he was into sorcery according to the Scriptures (Gal 5:19-21). This would mean that according to this text he is not in the Kingdom.

    I will say be careful what/who you listen to. Steve Irwin was another who died and rumors of a similar variety floated around.

    Anyhow one thing it has done is shown our human mortality.

    God bless

  9. How many time do I want to write post in one comment… LOL

  10. Brilliant post! I have written a post to point people to this post too 🙂

  11. Joey says:


    Millions of little members of the worldwide F.F.A. (Future Followers of the Antichrist) have learned how to find a certain part of their lower anatomy and quickly touch it while dancing – thanks to Michael Jackson, the highest paid Lower Anatomy Toucher of all time! Special thanks also go to the Jesus-bashing, Hell-bound Hollywood moguls who were just as quick to see higher profits in lower anatomies! [Just saw this opinion on the web. Other grabby items on MSN, Google, etc. include “Bible Verses Obama Avoids.”]

  12. […] Michael Jackson – where is he now… For an absolutely brilliant piece about the life and death of Michael Jackson go to “The Writing on the Wall”. […]

  13. hiscrivener says:

    Oh, and thanks for the love, dear.

  14. hiscrivener says:

    REALLY?! Wow, if only that could be national news. Maybe this should get leaked to someone at CNN. G’head Ann. I’ll pray for ya!


  15. […] This post was Twitted by HiScrivener […]

  16. Ann Brock says:

    This was posted on Mary Mary face book page Friday. In which reading it touch my heart and lifted my spirit:

    Last night we received some good news from Terri McFaddin-Solomon who is good friends with Sandra Crouch. Three weeks ago Sandra and Andre’ spent some time with their close friend, Michael Jackson. Michael asked Andre` to play, “It Won’t Be Long And We’ll Be Leaving Here.” Michael then prayed with Sandra and Andre and accepted Christ into his heart. If this is true there is something to rejoice in.

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