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Ah. Father’s Day.

Times of playing ball, going to the Zoo or having the kids sent off to the grandparents are typically conjured up for dear ol’ Dad. I did all three with my lil’ Wall Watchers. What about you?

Well, while you think about that, consider a different Father’s Day story from Santa Ana, Calif.

It seems this “dad” – 76-year-old Richard Cunningham – thought it be a good idea to take his 52-year-old son to church… and steal $3.1 million from it!

Kinda’ makes the tears just well up, don’t it?

Oh, did I mention both of these dolts were pastors?! Yeah, thought that would add a little pizzazz to the story.

Over five years, prosecutors say the Cunninghams stole from Calvary Baptist Yorba Linda Church and School bank accounts, and used the money to buy time shares in Hawaii and Palm Springs, golf club memberships and a Cadillac.

FathersDay_VaderI suppose being pastors helped, conviction and all, as they have both plead guilty for felony grand theft and fraud charges, as well as paid the total sum in restitution back to the church.

Amazing. In this economy, this dimwitted tandem decides to get nice and keep classy for a pimped-0ut Cadillac and some time shares. Nice.

Funny how it all comes to an end around Father’s Day because these two will be spending much more quality time together with three hots and a cot in the pokey.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the church Web site has been changed. Gotta’ love that technology. It even has a “financial manager.” For the church’s sake, I hope that’s a new hire. If not, homeboy needs to find a new line of work.

Just sayin’. Happy Father’s Day.