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Meet Vivian W. Ellis

By day, she’s a sweet, frumpy woman in Seattle, Wash. By night, she’s gone off her rocker and goes by the name of Rainbow Love.

Recorded... by whom? I think I know.

Recorded... by whom? I think I know.

Why? Oh, she’s running several brothels throughout the Emerald City and thanks to a recent police raid, Ellis-Love is in jail for prostitution, money laundering and being an awful witness for Jesus Christ.

And now, enjoy the prescient rub:

The woman accused of running several brothels in the area says her “work is spiritual in nature and that’s what the men are seeking,” according to the statement of probable cause.

What’s that? You reach out to dejected souls in search of a holy experience and lead them to one of your homes of ill repute for a lil’ rest and reproduction?!

Is this your ministry and you cloak those credit card transactions as “laying on of hands” training?!

Whatever your dimwitted reason, I have known many nut job pastors in my day… but none have worn a pink teddy to preach, so whatever you’re selling, those days of buying are over.

At least until someone else discovers your former place of employment, Sacred Temple, wasn’t really a church.

Sacred Temple’s Web site described the business as a Tantric type of massage parlor where the men reviewing the girls say they had been sexually satisfied during their sessions, the document said. The site has been “temporarily off line” since Thursday.

As will her PayPal accounts for Viagra, Cialis and TBN’s “Praise-a-thon”. You know, for posterity sake because it’s hard out there for a pimp… even if you are a pastor. Allegedly.