OK, so you put that cryptic “bum-bum-BUM-bum-bum. bum-bum-BUM-bum-bum” Terminator theme music in any movie preview, you will get my attention.

Add Christian Bale to the mix outside of his svelte Batgear and you could have me there opening weekend.

The uh, Jesus-nator?

The uh, Jesus-nator?

Much was my anticipation for the “Sci-Fi Nativity Story” (as Peter Chattaway gaily put it from Christianity Today put it), Terminator: Salvation.

This movie series kicked off with avowed Christian, the great Michael Biehn (also of “The Abyss,” “The Rock,” and the prodigious “Tombstone”) travels back in time to alert John Connor’s mama that a massive, roided-up, Euro-speaking robot is out to get her and make sure she doesn’t birth the savior of the human race… literally.

So, a couple of sequels later of lil’ Johnny is growing in wisdom, stature and favor and here we are, trotting down the Via Dolorosaer, red carpet for the screening of Terminator: Salvation.

Now, while Chattaway makes a really interesting, highly recommended read case for the sacrosanct allegory behind all things Terminator, one thing of note is a quote from director McG, who brought us such genius as “Charlie’s Angels” and “We are Marshall.”

Regarding Terminator Salvation, director McG told mtv News that he and writer Jonathan Nolan were influenced by the stories of Luke Skywalker, Neo from The Matrix trilogy, and Jesus. Said McG, “Here’s a guy who’s saying, ‘Listen to me, I know what’s going on.’ Some people listen; some people don’t believe a word he’s saying.”

I don’t know if McG has ever stepped foot in a church – mega- or any other size – but that sounds just like most places I have frequented on a random Sunday discussing the synoptic Gospels. Odd, eh?

It’s a completely different take on a movie that begs religious commentary but gets none of it.

So, it’s only 10 years from now in 2018,  and the only hope for humanity is John Connor (again, as introspectively noted by Chattaway possesses the same initials as some other savior of whom you may have heard) and some half-breed terminator named Marcus.


Bale does his sub-monotone, gruffy preacher, if-it-works-in-Batman-it’ll-work-here voice and Marcus fights for inspiration and odd body parts not seen in Wal Mart.

It’s prequelish. It’s sequelish. It’s Jerry Bruckheimerish. And it’s open ended-ish.

So, if this movie does have a fifth in its quiver, maybe only the audience will need saving.

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