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Any Catholics sitting on the wall, having lunch and enjoying the sunrise? Well, hold on to your lunchables.

Here’s a news flash for you: Did you know when your priest chants Dominus Vobiscum, et cum spirito tuo,” it really does not mean “The Lord be with you and with thy spirit”?

Dominos DemotivatorNo, really. According to this odd story from USA Today, it actually means, “Jesus, please bring a brother a Domino’s Pizza.”

The recession has a stranglehold on much of southwest Florida, but billionaire Thomas Monaghan’s [founder of Domino’s] vision for the 1,100-seat church and the Roman Catholic school he created continues to take shape, even if construction isn’t progressing as quickly as he had hoped.

Billionaires are a quirky bunch. Some become philanthropists like Gates and Buffett. Others own sports teams like Cuban and Jones. A few more are named Walton and just own half the world’s retail. No biggie.

And then there is this 72-year-old guy who wants to import Italian white marble to build his own church – the Ave Maria Oratory – and a 35-foot-tall sculpture of The Annunciation and place it smack dab in the middle of the Florida Everglades.

Um, wow?!

Don’t even bother asking how many pizzas he had to sell to do that. Suffice to say, there ain’t enough 30-minute deliveries this year to pay for a block of that cheese.

In acres of fields that were just tomatoes and prayer three years ago, how apropos is it that Pizza Guy here has made nothing but sauce… and gave it all to God? It’s more than a church. It’s a whole city he is building with tip money!

Monaghan, who holds the title of university chancellor, figures he’s put more than $400 million of his pizza fortune into developing what he likes to call a “spiritual military academy” amid a new town steeped in conservative Catholic teaching and symbolism.

Well, with the economy not so hot, it’s not like God will take a bunch of pepperoni for this project. So, uh, what does this Catholic church – and whole town – do to promote fiscal responsibility? Avoid the Noid or just… wait for it… Grab that dough?