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Not too long, we posted a story on the Wall about the fallen, biblical superhero Bibleman and his alter famous ego, Willie Aames.

It seems “Zapped”, “Charles in Charge”, “Eight is Enough” and even those pesky reality shows on VH1 aren’t enough to keep Aames out of the poor house. So sad. So true.

And now, Willie Aames is doing something about it… eh, kinda. He is beginning a national campaign against financial illiteracy. Um, huh?! I love this opening graph by WOW News’ Idol Chatter:

If a friend goes through relationships like toilet paper, would you go to her for relationship advice? If your child-less sibling offers you parenting tips, would you take him seriously? If someone loses their shirt in the stock market, would you let him plan your portfolio?

Willie being WillieSo, next to the “didn’t-really-think-this-through” department is Willie Aames participating in a celebrity boxing match, and if his Bibleman-choreographed moves do his opponent in, he will gladly donate some of the proceeds [as in, a buck fiddy ’cause brother probably needs a new pair of shoes… literally] to his “fight against financial illiteracy.”

I thought that was a good thing, at least last time I visited an acquaintance of mine who currently resides in the nestling bosom of Section 8 housing.

But, if you consider the latest, greatest spokesman to the cause, you would think financial illiteracy was something that just cramps your style.

How about feeding the homeless? Clothes for folk in shelters? You know, something you are terribly close to dealing with instead of something you have been-there-done-that-and-lost-the-tee-shirt-in-a-garage-sale.

Consider Jesus? He knew the people at the world’s largest fish fry weren’t interested in a Jimmy Houston DVD set. They wanted to eat a two-piece with some sweet tartar sauce!

Yet, there goes little Tommy Bradford ready to change the world. However, without a trunk full of Dave Ramsey books, Robert Kiyosaki inspirational tapes and Suze Orman loading up his TiVo, I don’t really understand why in the sam h-e-double hockey sticks Willie thinks he knows anything about financial illiteracy.

At least, other than it exists and his head is full of it. Among other things.

Godspeed, Willie. TV may be gone in your life, but not in your house. Check out Christian TV, dude. You may get some tips there, stay out of the news and live among the normal.

Come experience joy, happiness, patience, grace and a whole lot of laughter the next time you decide on your mission field. You have had several of them. Maybe you need to be fed on one instead of standing in line to lump bread on people’s plates.

Just a thought.