Archive for May 16, 2009

This week in video evangelism is good for a giggle for a few reasons:

1. Anyone remember “testimony time”? You know, when mom an’dem could get the spirit, take center stage and show up like pastor does? Well, suffice to say, 90 percent of those folk wouldn’t have half the nerve this little man does… and this video is a living testament to that fact.

2. I heart “American Idol.” Specifically, the dimwits who are deftly convinced they can sing a hole in the wall, stand there convinced of fame on the horizon and end up making ears bleed, dogs run out of the room and birds outside careen into walls without explanation. Another like-minded show is “You think you can dance” and many folk out there who can remotely clap on two and four want to get down like James Brown. This kid is Exhibit A… but is it really dancing?!

3. Do pastors have a screening test, an audition process? OK, I am seeing a mini-me version of Gregory Hines here. Those feet are possessed with a spirit of their own. And the camera crew loves this little man.

Do watch the whole thing with the volume up. It’s worth it. Whew.

UPDATE: The video and commentary of what used to be here has changed (thanks to Vaughn, peace) but the sage rhetoric remains the same.