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My Fair Lady used to be a regular viewer of Ellen when she stayed at home with my lil’ Wall Watchers.

Now, now, despite what you think of Ms. DeGeneres’ um, living arrangements, the girl is real. And that is the secret to her success, as well as why so many women in the Church adore her.

That said, I heart children of God who wax a little off the filter. [Don’t worry. I’m going somewhere with this. Work with me.]

You know, people like Sophia from the Golden Girls… says what she wants, when she wants and however she wants; yet all with the decorum of family and love.

Older church folk are like that as well, and they’re great. The ones who could care less where they are only to know they love the Lord and that is all that matters.

In this week’s segment of video evangelism, we are little more in the video and a little less on the evangelism. Instead, we meet a delightful 88-year-old named Gladys Hardy from Austin, Texas. She is spry, witty and full of opinion.

And then at 3:55 in this video, we discover Gladys’ forward candor and appeal to the octogenarians out there in TV Land.

This woman is awesome and she can visit my church anyday. I may have to find a way for My Fair Lady to stay at home again so I can TiVo classic moments like this.

(Hi, baby. Let us pray.)