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“Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.”

Sounds like the moniker for a fluffy suburban city, but alas, it’s been the rallying cry for the uber-controversial, bible-throttling, scripture-twisting United Methodist Church.

Ah, so sweet.

What church again? IJS.

What church again? IJS.

And now, the prelates of the Church are willing to hurl $20 million in the direction of the second phase of the national PR and marketing campaign, “Rethink Church.”

(Special masonry shout out to the great Sam Hodges for the tip on this story)

Personally, anytime you have to encourage people to “rethink” anything Jesus is involved in, odds are people are more behind it than Christ.

The UMC is after a younger demo, you know folk who don’t mind the high mass as long as hedonism is a big player in the pulpit. And they are willing to throw truckloads (well, actually VW Beetle trunkloads) of cash in their direction.

“We aim to reach young adults who are not familiar with church, who are concerned about the world in which we live, who want to make their lives more meaningful, and who have a deep yearning to connect with God and with a community of support,” said the Rev. Larry Hollon, chief executive of United Methodist Communications. “We also hope to reach people inside the church who will reassess what it means to be people of faith.”

That’s sweet, but that lukewarm pablum isn’t changing lives… it’s only populating churches. I’m thankful – I guess – for the “if-you-are-in-the-house-you-are-bound-to-get-some-on-you” theory, but it’s not gum, herpes or the Swine Flu.

This is the Holy Spirit UMC folks, and last time I checked, Jesus ain’t coming inside unless that door is opened from the inside.

According to Barna on behalf of United Methodist Communications, research found that 66 percent of young adults surveyed were searching for meaning and purpose in their lives and 62 percent considered themselves “spiritual.”

Well, of course they do, as they attend raves, get second-hand highs and mug on anything with a heartbeat. I know. I was there and unless someone has the temerity to bow up and witness, I would have still been there… lost, confused but still “spiritual.”

This is a world full of folk who have “No Soliciting” signs hanging on the door of their hearts. And by embracing their convoluted beliefs, peer pressure mentality and inclusive theology, you aren’t leading them down a primrose path.

Instead, you may as well be walking barefoot over a bed of coals because the path the UMC is considering a voyage is lined with roses… and all its thorny bushes. Hope you don’t get the lost stuck. It’s their soul on your hands.