God Sighting of the Month: “Gimme a Break” Jesus

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Follow up, Good for a Giggle, OMG!, The Obvious Files
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jesus-kitkatAh, what a grand way to kick off the month of May than with a ubiquitous God sighting.

And all the way from the Netherlands, we have some tool who believes the Shroud of Turin has duplicated in his… wait for it… Kit Kat bar!

Dear editor, this morning on my work, I am shocked rot. I took a bite of a chocolate bar and then I saw a face in the bar. Well, there are the recent years many Christ apparitions, and I find that all rather far-fetched . In a pillow or a meteorite I read last. So first I could not believe it, but two of my colleagues agreed that I have seen.

Well, I’m uh, “shocked rot” too. Look at this… chocolate is called the “food of the gods,” so meh? Why not? Of course, if I was a God-fearing dentist, I would swear all day long that the devil made him do it.

Who am I kidding. Gimme’ a break, indeed.

  1. Xia says:

    Wow! Spiritual images are on the woodworks of our cabinets, and now on candy bars! lol. The truth is, I wouldn’t of even noticed. How does it catch people’s eyes anyway?

  2. wickle says:

    Who are these people who stop to look at their candy bars, anyway?

    You know, if Jesus decided to make an appearance in my Kit Kat, I’m afraid I’d gobble Him right up!

    Maybe this is why I’m not a prophet, you think?

  3. Vaughn says:

    It’s a good thing i’m using a swivel chair, b/c that “tool from the Netherlands” comment almost had coffee all over my screen, still laughing

    • hiscrivener says:

      HAHA! I’m stopping by my local gas station on the way home and snagging a Big Hunk, Charleston Chew, Snickers (with almond) and just for good measure, a Zagnut. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find the Virgin Mary swimming in the Milky Way?!

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