100 days. Oh, how fast they have gone. And what do we have to show for them?

Well, in case you have no clue, our President will be reminding you of those accomplishments with tonight’s news conference (except on FOX – gee, ya’ think that’s not a political “bite me”? Shameful).

Perhaps, the two things you won’t hear our fearless leader discuss is “What the eff was that fool doing with his plane buzzing the tower at Ground Zero?!” (I mean, stupid!) and anything about his faith.

obama_matrixAfter all, he did go out of his way to court the Christian vote, so at least we should be kept apprised of his ecumenical exploits as he dodges every vitriol-ridden bullet in the media (note the picture). So, thanks to U.S. News & World Report, we have the Top 10 Obama Faith Moments.

[Cue timpani drum roll and away we go… until the next 100 day countdown is over]

10. Faith Round Table at the Inauguration – Although Rick Warren really shined during his inauguration prayer, others representing “faith” did not so much including Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal church. You know, he believes in the entire Bible… save a few scriptures found in the Old Testament. Too-mato, Toe-mah-to. Meh?

9. Saving his First Presidential Interview for an Arabic Network – I’m thinking he would like a redo on this, because his communications team took a beating for this faux-pas. He became a pugilist fighting the rumor mill about Barack Obama beginning life as Barack X, and then he does this?! I get his heritage, but you have 300 million people who hold that part of you with complete subjection. Even CNN & MSNBC wanted to cuss him out.

8. Lifting the Ban on “Family Planning” Groups South of the Border – Otherwise known as the “Mexico City Policy” (get it?), Obama went straight after the scowl of anti-abortion groups. Evidently, his “new Democratic tack on abortion” had nothing to do with Democracy. I didn’t get a vote. You? And he even did it on the Roe V. Wade anniversary. So sweet.

7. Praying with the Troops – This is highly commendable. Although it’s outside D.C., when Obama shows up at a mucho vetted and notably commissioned rally, it opens in prayer. Now, granted, if Bush would have done this, it would have been the Apocalypse, but eh… at least God gets his props, so it’s a wash for me.

6. Faith-based Office Redux – Bush created it. Obama obliterated it. The Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives, um… Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships is our President’s take on what this sacred seat should be. Oh sure, his goal is to make churches hire ANYONE outside of faith, but hopefully activist groups will stand up. Oh… they’re still sitting down on this issue… OK, well, enjoy your new, interesting cube mates at your church gig.

obama-change5. Faith-based, Non-surgical Enhancements – So, after he dumbed down the Faith-based office to focus on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and singing Kumbaya with Imams, Rabbis, Kohens, Buddhists Monks and those fools selling insurance in airports, Obama decided to create a “Faith Advisory Council.” This group of esteemed, ecumenical insiders would basically do the same job the aforementioned choral group would do. Only know, they have their own stationery. At least they feel important, which is why we really use taxpayer money. Isn’t that what really matters?

4. Joe Biden Gets Ashy – Catholics around the world observe Lent, not just out of necessity, but it’s sarcosanct. They don’t need a presser, news conference or the like, but good ol’, train-driving Joe “Veep” Biden had to make his trip to the conclave a photo opportunity (and don’t think it was anything otherwise). Faith is important, even in the White House. But isn’t there a scripture or two about putting your alms before men? Maybe it’s just me. Good thing his lotion was handy. That stuff is a pain to get out of freshly copied confidential memos, or so I’ve heard.

3. Petal Up for Those Stems – It was expected, but not so soon after Obama took his oath, he reversed Bush’s limits on federal funding for embroynic stem-cell research. See, people equate offering up stem cells for “research” as granting access to a womb of an eight-month child in utero. Legalistic for some. Malevolent for many. But prayerfully, God’s Word prevails here: “As for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.” If there is a sacrifice to be made, let it count for something.

2. Catholics Fight for their Nourishing Mother – Many presidents have given commencement speeches, but when Obama made public he was jet-setting to Notre Dame, the Catholic Church freaked out. He may be the nation’s president (yes, whether you voted for him or not… so please stop with the anti-American drivel), but he is not going to win a “Papal Favorite Guy” contest any time soon. Pity. I’ll bet Obama would rock the Papal robes and bling.

1. Jive “Turkey” – Not only was his first TV interview reserved for a Muslim network, but his first presidential appearance in a foreign land was in a Muslim nation. Don’t get me wrong, and I have argued many times that Muslims – although we differ theologically – are wonderful, amazing human beings. However, look at this from a Judeo-Christian, we-hate-terrorists-and-lump-them-into-the-global-Muslim-gene-pool perspective. If I have learned anything in my craft, it’s “Perception is reality.” No, it’s not fair, but you can’t tell 300 million people what they see isn’t actually what they think. The longest 18 inches in the world is the path from someone’s brain to their heart. You “feel” me?

  1. […] Fast forward to today and we meet a boy named Barack who completely lied through his grape Kool-Aid stained lips and pearly whites to every child of God he met in order to win their vote. He told them he would go to church for a vote. And that he would talk about Jesus for a vote. […]

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