God Sighting of the Month: Six-string Jesus

Posted: April 28, 2009 in Follow up, Good for a Giggle, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, WWJD
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Meet Joe Lepore, a dedicate guitar maker – and obvious misanthrope stricken with glaucoma – from New Glouster, Maine.

jesus-on-a-guitarDude makes himself a gee-tar, and four days later, Jesus makes a special appearance on the headstock.

No? You don’t see him? Look at the etchings that appears to have bolted from the set of “The Blair Witch Project.” See it?

Yeah, that’s our risen Savior spooking out all music and worship aficionados.

Of course, I would have been more impressed if the guy etched… er, if Jesus appeared on this tool’s Les Paul with the markings he endured en route to the cross.

At least then, it would have looked authentic.

I insist, it’s nothing to fret about. (Thanks. I’m here all week and twice on weekends).

  1. wickle says:

    Ummm … that’s not Jesus.

    Not unless Jesus had sort of a Tyrannosaurus head! What’s with the left foot pointing in, anyway?

    Why did I spend that much time looking at this picture?

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