GOBAMA: “Yes, we can” really means “Thank you, Satan”

Posted: April 27, 2009 in Good for a Giggle, Occultish Observations, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Spin Doctor
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Who knows?!

We all remember the Barackstar’s rally cry of “Yes, we can.” If you had a pulse and didn’t subscribe to the Aryan Nation newsletter, it gave you chills.

It was the gathering of all countrymen. It was a microcosm of unity. It was the culmination of a dream. But did you know, it was also Satan worship?

Oh sure. While the Obamas traipsed out on stage to accept the presidency in Chicago, and the throngs collected in Grant Park, there was a pentagram spray painted in the grass and a freshly dawned goat skull where back in the Expedition.

What? You didn’t know?

Listen, the dude gets on my nerves as much as the other common man who has no more money to give to big business who has no accountability and spends our cash like they are at a swap meet (oh, did I say too much?), but this video causing many with a weed to believe the satire above is hilariously ridiculous.

Seriously, someone has too much time on their hands. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a child of the glorious 80s when backmasking was awesome, but this is something.

So, turn up your speakers, grab that funny liquid thing by your Velvet Elvis and black light, and prepare to get the munchies. Enjoy.

  1. Rich Bordner says:

    Funny…ok, time to watch last week’s DVR of *Supernatural.* The Winchester bros would be interested in this.

  2. NetherLands says:

    Methinks someone started out with the “Yes We Can” song, which is rather creepy if looped http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=021drUxrzEw
    and started to go on from there – which to me is a bit silly as who on Earth would backtrack a droning speech? Backlooping music is by itself…odd, a whole speech…worse.

    Personally, I don’t see the ‘need’ to explain the chant that way, it’s a well-known fact that repetetive chants (like the New Agey ‘Oohm…OOOHm..’ some yoga classes teach)have a somewhat mesmerizing effect and chants allow a group to feel more like a single entity (like the chants at soccer-stadiums). The repetition in BOzo’s speeches serves a similar purpose: with him droning on and on (and on), people are most likely to remember the repeated ‘yes we can’ phrase, with all the ‘good-feeling’ association it summons – leaving people with a good feeling and hence ‘the speech must have been good’ (BOzo’s team of speechwriters, entourage etc. help a lot of course, too). I won’t be the first to point out his speeches look a lot less good when you read them beforehand iso hearing them (esp. in a crowd of fellow chanters).
    The BOzo campaign focust on emotion, not brains, a tactic they adopted from ‘The Political Mind’ and other strategists who complained the Repubs won elections by playing on emotions so the Dems should do the same. It wouldn’t matter much if the USA was some insignificant backwater place, but the problem is: it isn’t, a clown at the helm damages all of the ‘Free West’ and the world.
    Even Politico is now showing clips why The Great Orator is Readership We Can Believe In, and I don’t think an ‘Emissary From Hell’ (hey I like RPG’s) would need an autocue to prevent acting like a blithering idiot.


    Obama Bought The Presidency

  3. Lavrai says:

    The person who wasted their time putting this thing together needs a good smack upside their head. How lame and sad. I especially love 3:17. Wackos.

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