In this week of video evangelism, we have the ubiquitous exception to the rule. And this loquacious blogger couldn’t be happier.

Typically, church marketing sucks (check the site, lovely). Ideas are bland and overly borrowed. If one megachurch prints a shirt or preaches a sermon, all the little churches seem to follow suit because they doubt the mind trust they possess to come up with something better… and the marketing dollars to make it matter if they did.

Although this is a borrowed idea, it’s a completely new concept! Someone, somewhere understands all too well the hypocrisy and the tomfoolery between loving Jesus and being a “Christian.”

Somehow, being a Christian means to most who don’t know Christ being fake, pretentious, glib and sanctimonious. None of those particularly a positive, and people who just want to make a difference for Christ while being themselves… only sanctified.

This brilliant mock-up of the great MAC & PC dialogue does the trick. Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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