Meet the Schullers. So cute back then.

Once upon a time, in a TV far, far away was a chisled-chinned boy named Bobby.

Now, Bobby’s daddy was a famous preacher who decided to hang up the tunic and enjoy his golden years. Bobby took the reins of the “powerful” ministry, dawned the pastor rapper medallion and began preaching on TV, reading biblical prose off teleprompters and giving kitschy anecdotes about people who sound like they just traipsed off the set of “Leave It to Beaver.”

Three years later, Daddy missed his bling and kicked Bobby to the curb. Instead of an amicable “Aw gee, Daddy” parting of the ways, it’s been more like the exodus and the Red Sea.

Daddy lost control – and it seems, his mind. First, it was musical preachers. Then, Junior quit his job and left the church all together. Afterwards, the megachurch began hurting for the tithe it used to get, and the light bill wasn’t getting paid.

And now, we have some musings from Junior’s rather eloquent wifey, which has been captured in the Orange County Register.

Evidently in the story here, Bobby missed the bling too and he is getting his own church and Internet ministry. To which, this proud pontificate shouts, “Bravo!”

What appeared as “Father Knows Best” on TV, is actually a scene from “Gunsmoke” in reality. Family members are firing off opinions at each other and who is left to suffer – as usual in Christendom – the people.

Looks like Daddy needed to read his marquee

Looks like Daddy needed to read his marquee

Pathetic. Ratings were up. Membership was increasing. And pop gets a hankering for his old gig and creates this mess.

It’s shameful, because not only are some people out a good pastor in Junior Schuller, but most folk don’t call the grandiose Crystal Cathedral “home” any longer.

Let’s hear what his bethrothed (and fellow blogger), Donna has to say:

“These days Robert has been very hard at work developing a new Christian ministry, which will allow him the honor of continuing to speak inspiration and hope to the world,” she writes. “He will do this once again spreading the good news of Christ on television and on the World Wide Web. More to come on this very creative and new way of doing ministry when it is time.”

Well, unless he is planning on doing it shirtless from horseback while musing about the Tetramorph, I can’t imagine how much more sensationalized… er, creative TV ministry can get. But, that’s besides the point.

What’s important is Bobby is all grown up now, away from his father’s ecumenical teet and having church on his own… the way it should have been all along. And it seems it runs in the family, as his own son – anyone on the name? anyone? Bobby. I know. I was stunned too – is leading a church and something called the St. Patrick Project.

The ministry itself has seen better days. What once was held in the nurturing bosom of the Crystal Cathedral is now being held at the American Legion Building nearby. A quick hagiograph makes me think Bobby is banishing snakes from his building or teaching the veteran curmudgeons about the Trinity with a Shamrock, but I could be wrong.

However, one thing I am not wrong about is this:

All of this could have been avoided if Robert Schuller acted more like a father and less like a pastor. What’s worse is that folk shunned from the Crystal Cathedral (and other nameless churches around the globe) understand that analogy all too well. Thanks for keeping up the status quo, Pastor.

Junior, make us proud… since you know, Pop is too bitter right now.

  1. SAMSON I says:

    I should also confess that I had stopped watching Hour of Power after many years of watching it. I felt it was not spirit filled; as more and more the telecast was less of God and more of social entertainment, yet when his son, Robert, became the pastor there,Yes indeed Robert Jr and his wife were always Bible based and honoured Lord Jesus Christ. I stopped watching the telecast and felt that I’d rather spend time in reading the word of God than watching Hour of Power: – I wonder whose power is being reflected in that 1-hour Sunday slot of time? Sad to hear that the enemy is taking over God’s children!!

  2. sunny says:

    I am so happy that younger Schuller has practiced what he preaches; the father could learn much from this very good minister. I had stopped watching Hour of Power after many years of watching it. I felt it was not spirit filled; yet when his son, Robert, became the pastor there, I couldn’t wait to see each service and even attended in person again. I, too, was so inspired at all of his messages; I will never forget when Evil Knievel was there and spoke and was baptized…we all will remember how warmly he invited non-believers to ask Christ into their lives. He did it with much compassion and love; I had not seen that before. So sad about Robert Sr. There comes a time in life when decision-making, such as removing his son from the pulpit he had previously given him, needs to be taken over by someone more capable of making decisions. I, too, am a senior, but I also can admit that my decision-making process isn’t what it use to be. It has become obvious (from watching the few programs i have watched since Robert Jr. left) that his thinking, his management, whatever he calls it, is no longer sound. I see him struggling (even tho he proclaims that “all is even better than before”. I thought he was going to “guest speak’ at other churches, be out of the picture—isn’t that what usually happens. I never saw him really give the “reigns” to his son…the title without the authority to make decisions….I can speak frankly about being rejected from a family member over the last three years….I would not want to see anyone else go through the pain that causes; additionally his son faced a very public “whoops sorry…didn’t really give you the position” episode that I did not have to endure. The pain is devasting; however, I see this family turning these scars into stars, and moving forward in their own shoes….what courage, what faith. What a wonderful example of “walking the walk” we have seen in Robert Jr. and his entire family. I know that many blessings will follow them as they live their faith and continue to share “His” word to all. I respect also the fact that they remain professionals about the whole thing, while Robert Sr. continues to try to make himself the “victim’ in this. Isn’t it time to face the “music” here, Sr. Schuller. I respect the fact that Robert Jr. has very tactfully stated (after waiting months) he was asked to leave by his father. it is hard to heal…without even an apology. Again, I speak from experience. I muddle through it all still wondering why my family member never apologized. While mine was not public like theirs, it involved a major move and the loss of my remaining senior savings in addition to the loss of my only sibling. We are only 10 minutes from each other; with no communication from him in 3 years. But I feel really blessed today. I have found new friends, local church, a special friend, and a peaceful place to live. God always has Plan B, doesn’t He. God Bless You All in your new endeavors. We love you and miss you and want to be a part of your ministry. A faithful follower.

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