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god-and-twitterIn today’s voyeuristic fishbowl called the “Internet,” I believe it’s dubbed, are millions of people who have much to say on news, politics, religion or a veritable potpourri of all of the above.

And then, there are those folk who just don’t have a lot to say, but say a little, a lot. Those are the owners of Twitter accounts.

For each shopping excursion, dining experience and fart-and-fall-down moment, people can “tweet” ad nauseum and sound like that aggravating bird outside your bedroom window at 5:45 a.m. (!!!)

Anywhoo, there’s a new trend in the blogosphere with imposter Twittering and people following the fakes with more allegiance than the real people.

Which is what brings me to the highest ratings Robert Schuller’s “Hour of Power” has earned since 9-11 and the latest imbroglio that caused Junior Schuller to fly the coop.

Thanks to this story by the San Diego Union-Tribune, we see Robert Schuller as been Twittering with 1,000 followers in two weeks. Only, not so much.

Schuller’s impostor displayed copyrighted images and trademarked sayings from the Crystal Cathedral and “Hour of Power” Web sites on his Twitter account and had attracted nearly 1,000 followers in two weeks, said Greg Fayer, an attorney representing the church… The San Francisco-based Twitter Inc. confirmed that the user was an impostor and suspended the account late Tuesday, co-founder Biz Stone said in an e-mail Wednesday. A new account was set up Wednesday for the real Schuller, said Mike Nason, the church’s spokesman.

Now, as we have seen lately, this is the most attention anyone has paid to his dazzling, monotone banter since the Reagan administration. But, thanks to this faux boring old guy who has lost his conviction, Schuller is back!

Schuller’s impersonator – who remains unidentified – seemed to know a lot about that history and the preacher’s life, said Nason, the spokesman. The impostor said in his early tweets that he was Schuller’s assistant, but then went on to say he was Schuller himself and even talked about the preacher’s wife, Nason said.

Well, maybe not.

What’s next? WWJT… What Would Jesus Tweet? Glad you asked…

  1. My toga is fitting a bit tight. All these carbs with bread loaves and fish dinners. Oy!
  2. Trying to crash in this boat. The boys are whining. I’m going for a walk.
  3. Lazarus is having a party. I’m four days late. Dude, smells like someone died.
  4. I’m so talking to Dad about these hairdos I see on TBN.
  5. Why do people keeping asking Mom, “Mary, don’t you know?” I’m right here. Duh!

But this story does beg an interesting question? What snarky, techie moniker to the gurus clad in Star Trek t-shirts and living in their mother’s basement provide a fake Tweeter?

OH! I know, I know. Let’s start by calling this dude, “a Twit!” Thanks, I’m here all week. Try the veal. Be kind to your servers.