Once upon a time, in a church far, far away was a young believer who was exuberant and vociferous about his praise for the Lord.

In other words, I didn’t shut up when I was first saved.

People praise the way they need and worship how it suits them, but when someone dares not follow the grand Pied Piper in their fashion of exalting “Gawd,” then life can really suck sitting next to this pompous tool.

Scarred since, that has always bugged me. But thanks to the folks at GodTube… oh sorry, it’s no longer about full frontal Christianity… at Tangle (yeah, that’s uplifting), I have a video that confirms all my angst. Not to mention, made me laugh quite a bit. So enjoy this week in video evangelism.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Cross Eyed: Welcome to “Me” Church“, posted with vodpod

  1. Ann Brock says:

    I like the clip and I believe in a sense we are on the road to that idea of a church.

  2. Vaughn says:

    Will a man Mock God?

    When we even consider such absurdity, as in this video. You’ve got me exercising my senses.

    Still funny (peculiar, not ha ha)

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