Christian publications can’t write “Allah” because Muslims may get confused

Posted: March 20, 2009 in IJS, Legal Prejudice, PC is not for ME, Religion Potpourri
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DATELINE: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Then let Muslims discuss "In the Beginning"... well, maybe not.

Then let Muslims discuss "In the Beginning"... well, maybe not.

[Oh yeah, you know this story has to be interesting.] Apparently, the Malaysian government has been part of Oprah’s book club and all reading the same book because they have unanimously voted to re-impose a ban on Christian publications… from using the word “Allah.”

[See, I told you so.]

Apart from barring the use of Allah, the ban on Christian publications also includes prohibitions on using words like Kaabah, Solat and Baitullah.

So, while Christian reporters can’t talk or write about Muslims going to church, praying or enjoying their Hajj (the pilgrimage) in Malaysia, it’s the people’s feelers the Malaysian government that brought on this drama:

It is just that the government wants to avoid any confusion, [Malaysian Home Minister Syed Hamid] Albar added.

Nice. You know, with government officials like this, who needs enemies?

So, I’m just a bill… a lonely ol’ bill… had to be set on Malaysia’s Capitol Hill because you think Muslims, whom I’ll bet a dozen bean pies ain’t reading those cracked Christian publications, are complete morons and get Jesus and Muhammed confused?!

Seriously, I don’t see Imams teaching hooked on phonics. There isn’t a pressing need to sound out All-ahhhhh before you kneel on a musallah. Wait, that just confused me too. I wonder if this an affect on Muslim agnostics?!

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  2. Pamela says:

    I had an opportunity to minister with a group in Indonesia in November 2000. We were told that Allah was a term for the Christian god and Ullah (or however it was spelled) was for the Muslim god. They wanted to let us know when they translated our teachings and Bible references. I was amazed at this but from my understanding this has been the practice in other nations as well. I do not remember the reason this was done. When I read the article the context for me was not clear. I may be just tired. LOL

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