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Nice tune, eh?

While I am humming the Stevie Wonder part of that chummy song, I think of an unlikely tandem not often read about in ecumenical circles – Creflo & Gregory Dollar.

OK, HiScrivener. I’ve heard of – and laughed at – one of them, but who’s that other guy? Well, for starters, he is the white adopted son of TBN-evangelist Creflo and skilled TV producer of Dad’s show (no smarmy comment, he’s good at his gig) .

love-in-the-darknessI KNOW?!

Evidently, he has a book coming out, “Love in the Darkness: My Life as Creflo Dollar’s Son” and is making the rounds with the media (I know… insert your jokes here. There’s a few of them that can be applicable).

Dude even has a customized, and albeit morose, MySpace page.

In it, [Greg] Dollar tells of how “a white boy, unusually abused, out of control, and hurting, was rescued by a black man.” It continues, “Gregory Campbell is forced to grow up too fast and too hard,” explains the official synopsis of the book, referring to Dollar by the surname of a former stepfather.

This is a perplexing story.

On one hand, you have a preacher – a talented teacher – who by any conceivable comprehension has traversed down a path where the Gospel serves him instead of the other way around. And then you have a guy with a church of eight who meets this tortured soul and snatches him, despite color, creed or culture, and takes him in from the cold.

To add to the drama, and precarious timing, we have this:

His father’s critics, however, will likely see the book as an attempt to paint a sympathetic view of the prosperity preacher, who is one of the six televangelists under investigation over allegations of opulent spending and possible abuse of their nonprofit status.

Yeah, there’s that. But, call me a sap. I choose to celebrate with the younger Dollar and his Prodigal Son story. He is the epitome of that parable – out and about and still welcomed inside. And that, regardless of the faux exterior of righteousness, warms my heart… if only for a while.