Meet Peter Rigo – charismatic leader of Dominion Christian Centre of Canada, self-proclaimed “King of Bling”, all-around Pulpit Pimp and borderline cult leader.

In other words, just another fool in the pulpit giving Christians a bad name in a worse economy.

prophet-profitAnd why care about this malapropos reprobate? According to WOW News’ Religion News Blog, Rigo used “donor money to pay for gym memberships, Gucci fashion accessories and trips to Hawaii.”

So, thanks to the actions of a few… watchdog groups that have accused this “church” a cult… the Canadian government have stripped Rigo’s bidness of its charitable license.

Why? Because it’s nowhere near charitable, unless you consider a parsimonious indulgence on his wife to be “charitable.”

After an audit of the church’s books, sparked by critics of its activities, the federal charity regulator has told the Dominion group that its assets have been misused, spent for the “private benefit” of Rigo, his wife and others. The regulator found that money contributed by donors and destined for good works was instead paid to fund “numerous personal trips, payments for privately used vehicles, gym memberships, food, lodging and other unsubstantiated payments.” Among the expenses that raised eyebrows, auditors say, were numerous purchases at “expensive fashion outlets such as Gucci and Dolce Gabbana.”


So, here’s this former interior decorator gone Saul of Tarsus blinded by the light… of gold and jewels grabbed in the pulpit… who throws out the familiar line and “encourages believers to live effectively as Christians.”

And liberal theists, you wonder why folk have a serious weed with the dubious “prosperity gospel”?!

Listen, life is chock full o’nuts. But the problematic and troublesome scab that you just can’t peel off is most of those pistachios hang around the Church! And those garrish dolts see the evangelism of the lost as some cheap cash grab.

These days, and this economy, it’s so hard to trust the shepherds when most of the public ones are out to fleece the sheep… make Kashmir sweaters and embroid them with Gucci and Dolce Gabbana insignias.

Maybe there wil be a DVD set on “Five Easy Steps to Become a Cult Leader and Look Good Doing it” and then everyone’s happy. Well, at least they will be when he drapes on his Louis Vutton prison wardrobe.

  1. wickle says:

    Are you familiar with the Ray Stevens song “Would Jesus Wear a Rolex”?

    That song pretty much sums it up for me.

  2. Joe says:

    Ugh…not another fruit-loop.

    I just did my third post today on Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda. Have you heard of this guy? Check him out. I’d love to get your take on him.


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