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Ask someone who considers himself or herself a Christian, “So, who did you vote for?” and watch for the lightning round of Jeopardy take place:

  • What is it to you?
  • Who are you to ask me that?
  • What is a vote?

Why? It’s because they voted for a man who connections really don’t lie with Jesus-loving folk, but rather reconciled ignorance in God’s Word with allegiance to what they believed was God’s direction – change. So, why bring that up, because most of that change was to take place in the economy.

With the Dow Jones digging down fast enough to get to China by say, next Thursday, it baffles this raging independent to see Christians – despite church denominations or political affiliations – agree on this, according to the Pew Forum.

religious-people-talk-cash1“Show U.S. the money!” At least, do that first and it seems the Church can get back to bickeringer, business as usual.

One question of note to the cracked team with the Pew Forum: Um, you couldn’t find any black folks? I would think that would make sense given the complexion of a certain president and all.

The white evangelicals, white protestants and the “white non-Hispanic” Catholics (keep it classy, people) are covered, but um, where’s the rest of you know… AMERICA!?

I’m glad to see Capitol Hill’s dogmatic constituents can agree about one thing. However, seeing how it affects them directly, I’ll reserve my applause until someone at Pew picks up a phone and calls one cat named Jamal and mix in a few people with the surname Rodriguez.

If you do, your cute chart will remain color-coordinated, because even after those calls take place, the economy will still remain numero unoer, number one. Sorry.