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Since the beginning of time, Christians have been told and read about the great men of God… and whether they liked to admit it or not (and they didn’t back in the day), there were even greater women.

Same holds true today, as extolled by the WOW News’ Pew Forum, which shows us what is the stronger sex, spiritually.

It’s Women’s History Month, so what a timely story. So, gather round all you bra burners, feministas and adoring homemakers (still the hardest job in the world… hi, baby) for some cold facts:

  • 86% of women are affiliated with a religion. Men? 79%
  • 77% of women have “absolute certain belief” in God. Men? 65%
  • 66% of women pray daily. Men? 49%
  • 63% of women say religion is very important. Men? 49%

einsteinHrm. Let’s see… we don’t like organization, question a lot of things, don’t like to talk much and don’t give absolutes to much besides what is set on TiVo and how we like our meat. Stay classy, fellas.

You know, this really isn’t a surprise, is it?

The Bible is chock full o’ examples of strident women who have done mighty exploits for God that no man would have ever considered. No, seriously:

  • Sarah – This is a woman who had a old, decrepid hubby talking to her with his withered old body rocking the matrix (take the blue pill, get it) at the age of 100. Oh yeah, she’s 90… and has to have the baby! I know 35-year old strapping fellas who pass out at the sight of needle, and some nonagenarian woman is going to go through that?! No, thanks! And no offense, God. I would have laughed too.
  • Mary – Did you know… this is a sheltered little girl who has insomnia one night, and suddenly “FLASH”! This thundering voice in the window says that she will carry the son of God, but minus all that “getting pregnant the typical way” mess. I don’t know a single dude who wouldn’t have blamed the sudden weight gain on a box of Twinkies, much less talk about going on “The Biggest Loser.”
  • King Lemuel’s Mama – Who? Click on the link and read the first line. G’head, I’ll wait. Oooooh! That mama. Listen fellas. Any woman who can create such an indellible picture for her son about the kind of woman to bring home for approval is genius. Any woman who can do that so well that every God-fearing man who reads that passage in Proverbs goes to the throneroom pleading for “that chic” is perspicacity beyond words.

Yeah, I could go on, but why. I’m already emasculated writing this post. I need my dignity for Father’s Day. Sigh.