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The environment is important. I know, big news flash given we have dominion over the thing and all.

We are reminded of our much-affronted stewardship for the earth daily, namely with the powers that be resting on Capitol Hill. “Going Green” is now trendy, it’s voguish to be eco-friendly. And all the world’s a stage… at least if the lights aren’t plugged in.

an-unbiblical-truthWell, thanks to a Saudi Muslim cleric, this story in the Christian Science Monitor and a little masonry from HuffPo, we learn the whole green initiative may be kind to Mother Earth, but a huge malfeasance to Father God… or Allah, as the case may be.

A prominent Muslim scholar in Saudi Arabia has warned that those using alcohol-based biofuels in their cars could be committing a sin.

Let’s see, I have a hunch. But, I’ll let the Sheik here tell you why:

Ethanol, a common type of biofuel, is made of the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages, and its production is similar to that of hard liquor. Plant matter is fermented using yeast, and the result is distilled to increase the concentration of alcohol.

That’s right, ecogeeks. Your befuddled angst against poor caretakers for the environment are actually masked in lasciviousness. You bunch of inebriates!

From the story, here’s some Qu’ran for your reading pleasure.

The Koran prohibits consumption of alcohol in three separate verses that were written over a period of several years. The first mention occurs in 4:43, in which Muslims are told that they must not pray while intoxicated. A verse written later – 2:219 – says that in wine and gambling “is great sin, and some profit, for men; but the sin is greater than the profit.” Finally, in 5:90-91, intoxicants and gambling are called “an abomination” and “Satan’s handiwork”

I get it. And trust me, I could take many folk on a trip around “fermentation avenue” and “unfermented lane” for those in the Christian Church who adore the sauce (and I mean in the crapulent sense), but suffice to say… it’s not the cars that are boozing it up, it’s the drivers to whom you should target your angst!

You know, just a thought.

For years, I have thought people were growing sour on Christianity.

Why? Turn on TBN and you tell me. Better yet, turn on the news, which talks about TBN and then tell me. Preachers busted for fiscal irresponsibility, priests being thrown in the clink for getting handsy and then there is all the hubbub with televangelists living large like some of those fat cats getting dinged with the stimulus package.

At least Witches don't need to hide their drinking binges

At least Witches don't need to hide their drinking binges

Sigh. They get the pub and Jesus gets the blame. Unfair, but understandable why witchcraft is now growing faster than the “Big Three” of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

One expert claims that the number of Wiccan experts is doubling every 30 months. A recent book entitled “Generation Hex” by author Marla Alupoaicei declares that it will be the third largest religion of faith by the year 2012.

And where is the most rapid growth of Wicca in the U.S.? Where else? Massachusetts (and Los Angeleser, the West Coast). Other than the obvious, why is this important for Christians to know?

We gots lots of work to do people!

If there are this many misanthropes out there who are so disenchanted with God and specifically, God’s people, then it’s obvious we aren’t doing our job. We need to witness. We need to reach out. We need to live out loud.

Yeah, yeah, we hear all that mess from Joel, Ed, Bill and the rest of the seeker-sensitive nation. But consider this, there is a reason why their churches are mega, and everyone else’s is not so much these days.

If more of us looked and acted like Jesus, rather than being worried about sounding like him (“I’m blessed and highly favored… despite living on welfare and being addicted to these crappy cigarettes.”, this story may be obsolete.

And then again, so would TBN.