For those who have been aficionados of Hip-Hop, we now have to add another larger group of acolytes who will pose the universal question, “Who Am I (What’s My Name)?” as some dude named Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr. has joined the Nation of Islam.

And he even comes with his own monastic robe. What, no colors?

And he even comes with his own monastic robe. What, no colors?

Who? Oh, you may know Calvin X as “Snoop Dogg.”

According to the BBC of all places, it’s a fact: Snoop has given up bacon and white women for prayer five times daily.

The rapper, who described himself as the “leader of the hip-hop community”, told followers he would share what he learned with other musicians. He told reporters that he joined the group because he was “doing what’s right and representing what’s right”.

To this, I applaud him. All the money in the world can’t buy you a ticket to heaven, only acceptance in Jesus can do that. At least he is in the right direction of godliness and sanctity. I mean, it has to be a lot better than worshiping “Thaa Godfather” and all that “Chronic” of which I’m sure he only inhaled.

However, the story gets a little more bleak as you continue the read. So, Snoop, why are a member of the Nation again:

I’m an advocate for peace, I’ve been in the peace movement ever since I’ve been making music. My whole thing is not about really trying to push my thing on you. It’s just about the way I live, and I live how I’m supposed to live as far as doing what’s right and representing what’s right – that’s why I was here today.”

Listen, we have all had transgressions of which we are ashamed. And God can forgive, deliver and set us all free. But not even Allah is that dumb?!

If you have always been such an advocate for peace, why would you pen a hymn with these lyrics found in your platinum hits like “Murder was the case”, “Gin & Juice” and “Snoop’s Upside your Head.”

That’s like some preacher crawling on the TBN sound stage saying, “Seriously, Paul. I have never sinned, only been in a few minor incidents that didn’t go in my favor.” It’s foolish to think anyone would believe that… namely when all your issues can be found on Google.

So, here’s to hoping this new found faith serves you well and brings you to a place of enlightenment. Hopefully then, you will come to know the saving grace of Jesus in your theological studies. Or at least when researching a new rap lyric that rhymes with “Cheese Us” or maybe a stretch with “Pizza-s”.

I’m sure your fans will follow you “from tha Chuuuch to da Palace” but as they do, O’ Pied Piper of the LBC, just remember they will be looking to hear much more than about your Chucks and creased khakis, they will want to see that new faith in motion. You feel me?

For the young, aimless ones out there, we can only hope and pray you do.

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  3. iptvforum says:

    very informative article, thank You

  4. wolfshowl says:

    This explains why he provided Rihanna and Chris Brown with a place to meet up and make up….. Now that he follows a religion where smacking women around isn’t really all that bad. *sheesh* I guess all those drugs really did mess with his head.

    • firoze ally says:

      hi i am a big fan of snoop dog i like rap,eventhough i am a muslim an i have studied islam a lot i even got a bachelor degree in islamic studies i am happy for snoop if he really became a muslim i hope he studies his new religion so he will know how beautiful it is and as for his rap he can even make some nice islamic rap. later

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