Traveling Gospel couple sings, “The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!”

Posted: March 5, 2009 in Good for a Giggle, OMG!, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, The Obvious Files
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DATELINE: Chattanooga, Tenn.

What in the world happens there? Well, for starters, churches hosting traveling Gospel duets. Sweet, right? Uplifting, sure.

Too Close to Heaven?

Too Close to Heaven?

But, um, criminal? Yeah, evidently “the reason why this couple sings” is to shack up on honorariums and then bathe the church in propane. “Oh Happy Day.”

Investigators charged a traveling gospel singer’s wife with attempting to set fire to a church where she got upset with the pastor after her husband had performed there, Chattanooga fire officials said. Court records show that the woman was charged Wednesday with attempted arson at the Harmony Baptist Church.

“Stand by Your Man”? Yeah, I suppose that could be Gospel music.

So, the evening service didn’t go that well. The offering wasn’t that great. You know, the economy and all. And her hubby’s voice probably cracked, so giggles abound during the chorus of “This Train.”

But the match that lit the fuse – eh, so to speak – was the pastor of the church confronting sister friend about her sleeping arrangements.

Fire officials said the woman got upset after the pastor, who had offered them overnight accommodations, noticed they were not wearing wedding bands and asked if they were married.

The nerve! I’m guessing their mini-skree has tanked since this story, but hey, maybe she has a career in a repentance calling. With the sackcloth and ASHES homegirl can flame on, souls are bound to get saved.

You go girl. Only don’t pray for the “fire of God.” People may get jumpy given your prison record.

  1. Vaughn says:

    Reverend sounds old school, by the asking of are you married, by noticing that there were no bands. Well good for him & bad for the offended party because that is a valid question in my view. I only wished/hope that more people had this moral fortitude about them, because who is above reproach?

    Probably struck a chord with a semblance of truth!

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