We are in the high holy days of Lenten.

And, if you are of the Catholic ilk, what are you laying down for the season? Chocolate? Sex? Anything? Well, if you have heard from the Vatican lately, you probably aren’t reading this post.

The Italian branch of the Roman Catholic Church wants its followers to forswear text messaging, social-networking Web sites and computer games in the run-up to Easter. While many Italians traditionally give up fatty foods or, in extremis, alcohol, the appeal to go without some of the trappings of the modern world, including Facebook, iPhones and computer games, on Fridays — and on other days if possible — is unprecedented.

Hey Pope, who's in your five?

Hey Pope, who's in your five?

And now for one of the most hypocritical and hilarious things I’ve heard in a while:

The Pontiff warned on his YouTube site in January that “obsessive” use of mobile phones or computers “may isolate individuals from real social interaction while also disrupting the patterns of rest, silence and reflection that are necessary for healthy human development.”

The Pope has a YouTube site… that (wait for it) has not shut down and is operational as of 10 hours ago. Nice.

Maybe while you are at it, unplug all those power breakers that are most likely running on some sort of electronic panel.

Rock it Old School, playa.

Have high mass by candlelight, never mind not having electricity. People will think it’s Christmas… right until Easter. How sacrosanct is that?!

Genius move, Il Papa. Just keep your site active for all those people who will give up chocolate instead. People still need to get their video voyeur on. And then, can call all their friends in CCD class with those rollover minutes they are saving.


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