Maybe it was the deplorable State of the Union. No, not the speech… the country. Perhaps it was recent outbreak of superhero movies to hit – and dominate – the big screen. Or possibly people are tired of attributing the “hero” tag to fictional people.

Whatever the case, this is an Apocalypse Watch! Much like the TV show, meet the next “Greatest American Heroaccording to this latest Harris poll that says the BarackStar is this nation’s idea of a hero. Here is this messed up nation’s Top 10, in reverse to add to the drama:

obama-superman10. Mother Teresa (who outranks… GOD at a close #11. And she ain’t even canonized!)

9. Chesley Sullenberger (Hero, yes. Creator of the Universe, not so much.)

8. John F. Kennedy (Probably just for the whole Marilyn Monroe thing.)

7. John McCain (More like a tragic hero, if you need him.)

6. Abraham Lincoln (End a war. Free the slaves. Rock the Amish look for your entire presidency.)

5. Dubya (Hrm. Oh-kay. Next?)

4. Ronald Reagan (Well? You thought that was good. Wait until you hear my Mr. Ed.)

3. Martin Luther King (I know the next two. It has to be…)

2. JESUS CHRIST (#2. Seriously?)

And yes, in the words of the aforementioned failed TV show, “Believe it or not”…

1. Barack Obama

Incidentally, only one of those have actually walked on water and healed the sick. But eh, who’s counting miracles. Now, if the BarackStar takes care of the economy, now that’s a miracle!

But I probably still wouldn’t ask him to sign my Bible. No matter how cute he looks in that leotard and cape.

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