Muslim women discover why unlimited texts is not a good idea

Posted: February 26, 2009 in Religion Potpourri, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, The Obvious Files
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divorce-textAnd now for something completely different.

Here’s how all those rollover minutes can be used to… uh, well, roll a person over, at least in India where we find divorce via text messaging is not only a trend in the sub continent, but on the rise?!

A study on “Marriage and divorce amongst Muslim women in India”, undertaken by Sahiba Hussain, reader, Centre for Dalit and Minorities, Jamia Milia Islamia, highlights that more and more men are divorcing via SMS and e-mail. Where women do not have access to mobile phones or computers, men use landline phones to pronounce the divorce declaration. “From 15 divorces that we looked at in 2008, eight were pronounced via SMS, e-mail and over the phone,” said Husssain.

Another related news story: Muslim men in India are complete chicken bock-bock!

Are you kidding me? You know, if you have the guts to marry a woman, do you think so little of her to divorce her via “ping”? But wait, there’s more:

Most of the SMS’ and e-mails had husbands complaining along predictable lines. They did not find the wife “beautiful enough”, “compatible enough” or of having brought “adequate dowry”.

Great. It’s bad enough we have these tools calling it quits because she’s not as fine as she was back in the day, or she’s become a little bit of a nag… but now she’s not quite the Sugar Mama you thought you were getting?!

Can you imagine: “OMG baby. u suk. i’m out. it ov4.”

Stay classy, fellas. Muhammad would be proud.

(Masonry shout out for WOW News’ Times Central)

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