Drama at Crystal Cathedral takes a tragic turn

Posted: February 25, 2009 in Above the Fold, Follow up, OMG!, Televised Theology and Toiletries
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I've heard him called a stiff, but this is ridiculous

I've heard him called a stiff, but this is ridiculous

We know about the ballyhoo between father and the junior Schuller, the depleting real estate of the first-ever megachurch and the ministry’s $65 million in debt… but did you know people are actually dying in the church?

A man shot himself in the head Wednesday morning at the altar of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove and died at the scene, police said.

Without rhyme or reason, a middle-aged man walks inside stating he wanted to pray. And why not? It’s a church. Makes sense, so an usher let the guy inside… who walked up three steps to the altar, knelt before a gold cross and literally blew his head off.

Um, WOW! As if this church didn’t have enough bad press. We have a truckload of irony to throttle this story clean down our throat…

Six people, including a tourist group from Canada and one or two tour guides, were inside the church at the time. Volunteer Yvette Manson, 76, says she was explaining the church’s suicide hotline with tourists when she heard the shot.

Is God trying to tell Robert Schuller something? Anything? Maybe it’s how to get through what he’s getting through? Well, if that’s the case, he may wanna call his kid. I hear he hasn’t been to church in a while.

  1. John Simons says:

    The mental Health department has a lot to answer for. They sent this man to his death and they should be prosecuted. They tried to put him on a false steer and did not recognise that he was genuine. When are normal healthy Christians going to be included into the mental health system instead of a bunch of women with a two a penny degree above their bikini lines feeding the pharmaceutical industry’s wealth ?
    There are hundreds and millions of people who are demonised and are taken out of society so as to ” hide God ” from society thus enabling sin to function as part of it. They are labelled instead with Bi- polar and psychosis and schizophrenia by thick and stupid Psychologists whom have never lifted their finger to ever have opened a Bible, let alone read one.

  2. Nancy says:

    As a former member of the Crystal Cathedral..which was Garden Grove Community Church then, I beleive too many people are putting their
    faith in Robert Schuller, Sr or Jr, instead of in Jesus Christ.
    It is time that people stop listening to tv ministers and worshipping them and start listening to God and
    what he says in the Bible.
    Find a good church, where salvation is preached and the bible is read and studied.
    I have found that kind of church.
    I have done some reading, the man who killed himself in the Crystal Cathedral, last month
    said he was demon possessed in a video and these demons drove him to his death.
    Ministers do not address demon possession, why should it be any different than in the bible
    when Jesus drove the demons out of people.
    If someone had exorcised this man, he might still be alive today.
    My sorrow, is in the death of Rev. Fred Winters, who died preaching the bible in his church
    I believe we are in the end times.
    He was a man of God, my prayers are with his family and the church.
    We can rejoice he is in the arms of Jesus now.

  3. Pamela says:

    This is the second suicide at the church. I will never forget the choir director that committed suicide a few years back. I remember from time to time I would watch the program and remembered seeing him direct the choir. It was reported that fellow was dealing with deep depression. They called Robert Sr. to the church to try and talk some sense into the man. I think by the time he got there the man had already killed himself. I think he was locked in a room at the church at the time.

    This is so dreadful to me. I know two people whose fathers committed suicide. One of them happened while I knew the person at the church I attended at the time. Again this man was diagnosed with severe depression. I was on a foreign missions trip when it occurred. I cried for a week or two about that one. Many of us did. The Lord gave my friend peace about it and he decided to talk about it during one home group meeting within a month of the suicide.

    I have to think that Robert Sr. is seriously seeking the Lord about this one. Seriously.

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