Cross Eyed: What not to do to win someone to Christ

Posted: February 21, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Thanks to some well-laid masonry by “Another Brick in the Wall,” A Little Leaven, we have a fine clip of heresy on this week’s video evangelism.

So, there’s this mega-conference. You know the ones, bring in all the big wig preachers to blather on a particular subject, attract all underling pastor who, when they get all growed up, can be just like them.

Well, the paternal dunderhead at the Exponential ’09 conference is some tool named Gary Lamb, who seems he doesn’t know the first thing of the lamb, nor how he acted on this planet.

As a matter of fact, Gary is so out-of-sorts with Jesus (yet, he is this hired gun pastor) that he thinks a surefire way to lead some woman down The Romans Road,” and bombinate about soul-winning is that – and this is a direct quote – one of his biggest regrets is that he didn’t club a church lady with a baseball bat, punch her husband in the face and set fire to the church organ.

Don’t believe me? Watch why this utter charlatan doesn’t belong in this conference, much less any church. Enjoy.

  1. Yeah, violence fixes everything! Sickening!!!

  2. Pamela says:

    Regrets are a weight that the Bible clearly says we are to lay aside. The enemy will torture people that do not understand the power of God’s forgiveness. Accusation will stymie a person’s walk with God.

    Paul said ‘forgetting those things which are behind and pressing toward the mark of the high call in Christ’ or something like this.

    I seriously take issue with how he described the church he help found as the church from hell. As one that attended Carlton Pearson’s church for a time before he changed his doctrine I am pretty sensitive to this issue. People that financially support a ministry sincerely then hear that leader talking about them like dogs is hurtful. I have never heard of this man but he apparently does not have the national influence that Carlton did back in the day. When he would get on TV and talk about those of us that supported him as horribly as he did was very hurtful to me and probably many because he would have the chance to say whatever his deluded perspective was without anyone he slandered getting a chance to rebut his madness.

    I just wonder how many people attended that conference that may have remembered him during those days. How did they feel about it? Who else might listen to video of this and hear his comments? Some of those people may not have known some of what they walked through?

    Maybe this is not the angle you were looking for but I just could not get past how he talked about those people, especially the pastor and his wife. My heart sunk listening to this. They may have had problems with them BUT what happened to forgiveness? I know I forgave Carlton long ago but it took time to walk through and get past the pain felt by many of us because of what I felt was betrayal.

    It is pretty evident that he has not forgiven these people. We all walk through stuff. I have walked through things with church leaders. I never painted the entire body of Christ through the lens of the crazy leaders I was around. For this man to say that he hated Christians for a time is frightening to me. Only God knows what type of walk this man has with the Lord. I would NEVER sit under a man like that. I would be afraid of his rage. How people could laugh at this is stunning to me.

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