Archive for February 21, 2009

Thanks to some well-laid masonry by “Another Brick in the Wall,” A Little Leaven, we have a fine clip of heresy on this week’s video evangelism.

So, there’s this mega-conference. You know the ones, bring in all the big wig preachers to blather on a particular subject, attract all underling pastor who, when they get all growed up, can be just like them.

Well, the paternal dunderhead at the Exponential ’09 conference is some tool named Gary Lamb, who seems he doesn’t know the first thing of the lamb, nor how he acted on this planet.

As a matter of fact, Gary is so out-of-sorts with Jesus (yet, he is this hired gun pastor) that he thinks a surefire way to lead some woman down The Romans Road,” and bombinate about soul-winning is that – and this is a direct quote – one of his biggest regrets is that he didn’t club a church lady with a baseball bat, punch her husband in the face and set fire to the church organ.

Don’t believe me? Watch why this utter charlatan doesn’t belong in this conference, much less any church. Enjoy.