A while back, the board at Oral Roberts University got together, booted out Richard Roberts and his cougar wife and brought in a pro to correct the ills brought against it.

What the entry to the prayer tower used to say

What the entry to the prayer tower used to say

Looks like Dr. Mark Rutland is bringing the shine back to Oral Roberts University, as noted in the Tulsa World.

The long tradition of prayer at Oral Roberts University will enter a new era Saturday with the rededication of the prayer room in the prayer tower at the center of campus.

It should be rededicated, and resanitized. Isn’t that where Oral Roberts isolated himself until God brought in $8 million? And who knows, maybe that’s where Richard hid all the college’s cash… and Lindsay hid the co-eds she texted during study hall.

But now, the hallowed and infamous prayer tower has been renovated and reinvigorated:

“We wanted to create a sacred space on the ORU campus,” said Clarence V. Boyd, Jr., dean of student development – campus ministries, “a quiet place where people can go to seek the Lord on an individual basis.”

I have plenty o’friends who attend ORU, and survived the Richard Roberts regime of slime.

I’m thrilled to say Mark Rutland is already making a difference. And bringing this school back to the basics – and back to its roots – is one giant step in the right direction.

  1. Pamela says:

    It has been an interesting time here in Tulsa. You can just imagine how the reporting has been here. Every sordid detail was reported on. Our local paper has a page dedicated to this. Only God knows how many articles and court documents are on there.

    Every few years something monumental has happened. When I was at Homecoming I had a chance to meet the current choir members. You can imagine what it was like for them being on campus through all of this. One of them is a freshman. I have to give him props since he still came here after all the scandal was still in the news. They were telling us what it was like. I can imagine trying to concentrate on your studies with the lawsuits hanging over your heads. This is the worst scandal that hit ORU since I came here in 1977.

    We really connected with the current choir members and the more recent alums this past weekend. We plan on keeping up with them. I plan on spending a little more time on campus. Last night I attended the senior recital for one of them. They have invited me to stop by one evening for their choir rehearsal. I plan on doing that maybe after their spring break. It helps me see what is going on at the campus. I have toured several of the buildings so far and have been pleased with the renovations being done. My next stop will be the dorms. I also want to know about the wi-fi project.

    Update: From my understanding a portion of the accountant’s lawsuit is still pending. They dismissed a portion of that one. I think a hearing on that is scheduled next week. One student sued because he could not finish his degree because they fired the tenured professor that taught a specialized program at ORU. A hearing on that one will be held I think the first week in March. When these are resolved this should end the madness finally.

    Thank you for your kind words:)

    May you and your family be blessed.

  2. Pamela says:

    I am an ORU alum. This is how I came to Tulsa. I have had a casual relation with Dean Boyd and his wife Kim since my freshman year at ORU in 1977. In fact I saw him this weekend during Homecoming weekend. We had a reunion with Souls A’Fire, the choir that I ministered with all four years at ORU.

    I was at the rededication of the Prayer Tower service. Two of my friends went to tour the Prayer Tower after the service in another building.

    I can tell you that things are really turning around on campus. I have gone through some portions of the campus the past few months. There is a lot of construction and renovation on campus. One of my old friends from Souls is on the new board of trustees. That change right there gives me great hope for the future of ORU. The whole atmosphere on campus has dramatically changed.

    I for one am glad to see what is happening these days. I believe great days are truly ahead for ORU. The leadership had to change for that to happen. There is great anticipation on campus where there was dread and fear before. It’s nice to know that things that were promised are finally being done. I’m grateful.

    • hiscrivener says:

      Girl, I should have known someone as classy as you seem to be had a little of a college like that in your background. Great to hear a first-hand account. Thanks for that.


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