Apocalypse Watch: Can a book about Jesus be “too Christian”?

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Above the Fold, Inside 411, Legal Prejudice, PC is not for ME, Spin Doctor
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Let’s say you have an encyclopedia called, “The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization.”

censorshipAnd if you were a publisher, give them a hybrid bozo name like Wiley-Blackwell, you would create a nice forward to this Christian-focused book series that extols Jesus, Christianity and the divine providence of God. Well, you would, right?

Well, imagine my chagrin believing this hypothetical when I read this story from the Christian Post and read the line:

Wiley-Blackwell, a major academic publisher, is recalling copies of Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization and scrapping the print run after critics said the entries were “too Christian” and “too anti-Muslim.”

I’m sorry? You are writing a book focused on Christianity, and you get accused by the dreaded PC police for being “too Christian.” And what’s worse, this spineless jellyfish publisher is actually pulling their CHRISTIAN books off the shelves to comply.

That’s it, Wall Watchers. I’m done. Going home. Checking out. I quit.

“They determined that the introduction and many of the entries were ‘too Christian, too orthodox, too anti-secular and too anti-Muslim and not politically correct enough for being used in universities,” said the encyclopedia’s editor, George Thomas Kurian, sounding angry in an e-mail sent last week to nearly 400 contributors.

OK, about that. You can’t “sound angry” in an e-mail. What, the dude sent it in all caps with mad face emoticons? And here is what Big Brother wants taken out of a Christian Encyclopedia. Wait for it…

Now, the book’s publisher and editorial director want to “de-christianize” all 1,450 entries in the encyclopedia to make it politically correct before it can be reprinted, according to Kurian. He also claimed the press is looking to delete words including, “Antichrist,” “Enemy,” “Beloved Disciple,” “Gates of Hell,” “Witness,” “Virgin Birth,” “Resurrection,” “Evangelism” and any reference with an “evangelical tone.” BC and AD, chronological markers for “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini,” will also likely to dropped.

aclu-vs-godYou know what, I have a better idea. Let’s throw away the Bible, any crucifix you can find, lock up all the priests and preachers and slap the tar out of some nuns because apparently all that Jesus stuff was an aberration and the Church should just huddle up and have bingo night.

I can’t believe I am writing this but isn’t this a job for the ACLU? Isn’t this a horrendous application of censorship? You know, first amendment rights, and all? Any one in the government know anything about a U.S. Constitution?!

If Kurian doesn’t take this publisher out back and “lays hands” on the whole board, Christianity has a lot more to worry about than Barack Obama’s fake “Office of Faith Based and Would you like to be my Neighbor Partnerships.”

Wall Watchers, this story should bother you enough to pray… and maybe send a nice letter of contrition to the publisher, whose PR person can be found here. Not that I’m instigating anything [whistle, whistle, whistle].

  1. Pamela says:

    I read this article on the Christian Post. I quit reading when I read that insane comment about being ‘too Christian’.

    I think you need to contact the ACLJ, NOT the ACLU. It is a rare day they take cases that fight for the rights of Christians. I think I remember one in my almost 50 years of life. That is pretty sad.

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