papal-devilFreudian slips. Ain’t they hilarious?

You know, when you try to say one thing, but that hidden nugget of wisdom you are clinching in your booty cheeks so hard you are making a diamond just forces itself out of your mouth?!

Oh… those Freudian slips.

Yeah, well they happen all the time – and typically, never at the right time.

Well, evidently the editors of amNewYork posted this picture, and wouldn’t you know it? Some optical illusion took place and instantly Pope B16 here is the avenging angel of Satan.

Look at the priest’s collar… then aim down at Il Papa’s head… see the horns? OH! There it is. Just sitting there like the proverbial snake ready to sting your tail into an emergency ward.


I am going to take a mild stab at this: would the last name of the editor end with a “berg”, “witz” or “stein”? I’m just saying, while I am laughing out loud.

  1. Hi,

    I guess a picture is worth more the a 1000 words:-)


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