Oregon church closes doors to save money, asks folk to watch TBN instead

Posted: February 17, 2009 in IJS, Occultish Observations, OMG!, Religion Potpourri, The Obvious Files
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church-closed-sundaysIt’s like Lent during this economy – everyone is having to give up something in order to stay afloat. But what about giving up church?!

Well, that’s what happening to a bunch of non-committals at the First Unitarian Church in Portland, Ore. (I know, go figure. Carry on.)

To save money, First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland has decided to close for the month of July. The Rev. Marilyn Sewell, senior pastor, said the 142-year-old church faces a projected $185,000 deficit for the fiscal year that ends June 30.

It’s not like TBN and Daystar are earning great TV ratings in the Beaver State, so maybe there is some co-op marketing they can do with this church. I don’t know, like purchase branded Yoga mats for these folk to channel upon. Maybe the Crouchs and the Lambs could offer swank “inner child” baby clothing for all the parents who will miss out on children’s pseudo-church for four Sundays. Just a thought.

So, closing the doors to church for a month. Tell ’em what they have won guy with an abnormal speaking voice:

The closure will mean no services, no adult or children’s education, and no programming for the month. The only activities in the church or its neighboring Buchan Building will be those whose sponsors have rented the space, generating income, Sewell said.

OK, question to the chic with the man’s haircut: If July is a slow giving month, then what will you plan on doing in say, November when the church is burying in snow and your heating bill is blazing like the towering inferno? How much money will you be saving then? Plan to kill another month in the name of cost efficiency?

Again, just another thought. Maybe, you should have had one too.

  1. We are open on Sundays and every other day.
    Hope Presbyterian Church.
    Baltimore, MD
    Rev. Dr. Cherry W. Marshall, Pastor

    • hiscrivener says:

      Pastor, thanks for visiting the Wall. Glad to hear you are open again on Sundays… and sorry you had to close in the first place. Although this was posted in February, I still get interest every once in a while in this story.


  2. Ann Brock says:

    Don’t nothing surprise me any more. Wow!

  3. Vaughn says:

    Are not the universalists the one’s that embrace all, exceptance being the order of the day? If so they wont miss a beat, all they have to do f/ the month of July is go to the park and hug a few trees. Call it a day while meeting each other at the local coffee shop. Cut ouyt the middle man.

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