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Church, if there is anything I am about, it’s being real with my walk with God.

I get upset, like Peter; I get bold, like Paul; I wax sentimental like John; and can wax eloquent like David. I’m still trying to rock the bling like Solomon, but ah, you can’t win them all.

That said, if there was one thing that almost caused me to start my own church out of my garage – lots of stiff folk warming pews and not enough enjoying their Christianity. It’s all about witnessing, and if I met some of those oddballs would I even be interested in becoming like them?!

Um, probably not. So, I choose to believe Jesus was a hilarious cat, along with being God in the flesh and all. He had to be, because we are not created to go through life as if we work in a library. NOW, thanks to Mars Hill Church‘s own Mark Driscoll, I have someone getting my back.

This week in video evangelism is an excerpt from one of his messages: Was Jesus Funny? It’s worth the listen. Peace.

Guys… because let’s face it, gals don’t typically forget… if you are rummaging through the aisles of that 24-hour pharmacy searching for your Fair Lady’s gift today, have no fear.

HiScrivener’s got your back thanks to the UK’s Times Online and these gifts certainly to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one. Now if you want full details, visit the story. But here’s the highlights:

  1. Now, THAT is getting in the spirit

    Now, THAT is getting in the spirit

    Word up – Nothing says love, like… well, the word “love”. Buy it here and experience amore all year long.

  2. Scratch N’ Sniff – You know, that’s not an exaggeration but a better sense of decorum forbids me for embellishing that example.
  3. Tunnel of LoveGo skydiving and grab a kiss for a little more than $100 U.S. (Sorry, I don’t have the pounds symbol. Respect to my British brethren). Question: how in the world can you smooch at 70,000 feet when you are screaming bloody murder?
  4. The Blade of Romance – Imagine giving your woman a real machete over a candlelight dinner. No worries, it has her name on it. Mwah!
  5. The Tree of LifeSupport the environment and your own personal cause at the same time. Boring, but you know they deliver.
  6. Adopt a Book –  How sweet. Buy her Wuthering Heights or Pride & Prejudice, as if it was her own. Just stay away from Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I hear it’s not the best to keep a marriage together.
  7. Tea and whatever else goes with teaRose bud tea. How cute. So does the guy impress her by saying, “Yeah, it’s really oolong too”?!
  8. Chocolate Couture – Guys with bad pick-up lines and even cheesier ways of marriage romance can actually drop, “You’re wearing it. Growl.” And get away with it with this oddball gift.
  9. And For Your Friend Too – This is more for the daters in Christendom. Why stop at buying your betrothed flowers and a card? Buy Fluffy some sustainable kibbles & bits. Yummy.

There’s more, but that’s my community service for the day. Happy heart day, Wall Watchers.