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obama-hypeBarack Obama is certainly the president of the 21st century with his mastery – well, actually the computer dorks he hired working in their mama’s garage – of the Internet, specifically social media.

From blogs to YouTube, if you were online, you got pinged about the BarackStar’s whirlwind tour about the man who would be king… I mean, the Antichrister, Dietyum, president. Whew!

Since he has been elected, he hasn’t missed a beat. Dude has given the White House Web site a much needed face lift, chin tuck and ear flap. And, he is still rocking his hand held video camera too.

Some presidents have all the luck, and the pontiffs just get the raw end of the scepter. Well, not Pope Benedict XVI! He dawns his red shoes from the Wizard of Oz and humming, “Whatever he can, I can do better” as he commissions his own band of brothers to develop the Papal Channel on YouTube. Take that, Mr. President!

The Vatican launched a video channel on YouTube that will feature news coverage of Pope Benedict XVI and major Vatican events. It marked the start of the Vatican strategic vision of working “to be present wherever people are,” said Archbishop Claudio Celli, head of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications.

You know, I heard you already had one up on the man once dubbed “Obamessiah“. Pope B16, if you are serious about “being present wherever people are,” you may want to direct the bajillion members of the Roman Catholic Church about the Holy Spirit!

You remember that guy? Third member of the Trinity? Big player with the omnipresence?

obama-pope1Just because more than 80 percent of the folk to whom you offer a Eucharist base their priest searches on last rites and house calls doesn’t mean they can’t operate a video player online. So kudos to ya for that one.

Now, that you need something to do, the Pope gets to star in his own film, minus the “Bow-chica-wow-wow” music.  And guess what, Catholic sports fans? He even “is aware” he’s on candid camera.

By creating its own channel on YouTube, which boasts 70 million viewers a month, the Vatican is seeking to give people the opportunity to access information about the Pope and the Vatican from a regular and trustworthy source, said Father Lombardi. He said Pope Benedict “was personally informed about the project and sees it as a positive step” forward for the Church.

Let’s see… the man rolls out of bed and gets some fresh air daily hanging out of St. Peter’s Basilica, has to scratch his toukas in front of the world and some tourist clips that righteous itch on his iPhone and all the world wonders if Il Papa needs some Preparation H.

Forget the evangelism. Ignore the universalism. Spare me the altruism. That was your inspiration for keeping up with the Joneseser, the Obamas.

So, there’s this new poll the Pew Forum developed that is about as soothsaying as a press release advising Christians that the Pope is Catholic, Billy Graham is really Baptist and those funny looking hats Rabbis wear really aren’t frisbees, coasters or pasties.

The grandiose discovery? Black people are more religious than the rest of the U.S. population.

While the U.S. is generally considered a highly religious nation, African-Americans are markedly more religious on a variety of measures than the U.S. population as a whole, including level of affiliation with a religion, attendance at religious services, frequency of prayer and religion’s importance in life,” the report says.

black-church“Oh please, HiScrivener. White folks are uber-sanctimonious. And have been to a Catholic church in the barrio lately?” Listen, I get that, but I double-dog dare you to do this…

Walk up to any crackhead. I’m not talking potentially homeless and panhandling. I’m talking crusty lips, ashy-mouthed, looking to borrow a TV to sell for a dimebag of rock crackhead. Then… talk about Jesus, and watch what happens.

They sit up and instantaneously – as if prodded by a TV camera at some pulpit pimp’s megachurch that I won’t waste space discussing here… at least now – and begin extolling the praises of God.

Now I could get into a long sociological and ontological discussion as to why religion seems to stick to blacks more, as opposed to any other race… and I really could… but I won’t.

Suffice to say, while white folk were um, burning up the town, there were other folk who had nothing but Jesus. Including, you know, freedom. Anywhoo… here are some highlights:

  • 79 percent of blacks say religion is important. No let’s get this straight. “Say” is the operative word because some of those same “I love the Lawd” folk will also cuss you out in a minute and drink you under the table. Amazing how conviction works, eh?
  • While 39 percent of all other folk attend church weekly, 53 percent say the same. Heck, some people I know go to “ch-uuch” three or four times a week.
  • 2/3 of blacks oppose gay marriage, while less than 50 percent of whites agree. And in other news, 93 percent of blacks voted for Obama and chucked the whole “gay marriage” thingy out the window despite those pesky convictions.

I have another highlight not found in the poll, and it shouldn’t be a surprising statistic in the slightest:

  • 100 percent of Republicans will buy this poll in its entirety to figure some novel strategies for outreach, growth and scrapbook parties in say, four years. I’m just saying.