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The Philadelphia Weekly recently created an interesting list that I’m quite certain Hollywood tabloids and the paparazzi could really care less about… but the Church would adore.

Meet the “Jesus Six Pack”:

> Jeffrey Hunter, “King of Kings”. Did you know this Savior of the 60s was known as the “James Dean Jesus”. Talk about mixing up your references, although Jesus was a “rebel with a cause.” Thanks, I’m here all week.

> Enrique Irazoqui, “The Gospel of St. Matthew”. There are certain pundits who find this to be one of the best depictions of Christ made in film. One reason is this cat was never an actor, just a child of God. But can God cure unibrows?

> Ted Neeley, “Jesus Christ Superstar”. So, um. Sing it? Go ahead. You may be all sanctified, but don’t act like you don’t know the riveting choral rants, “JeeeSUS ChrIST! SuuuperSTAR!” Everybody, because that’s probably the closest we will come to watching this one.

> Robert Powell, “Jesus of Nazareth”. I am completely biased. This film – tragic hero, sick puppies, et al – is the first movie that ever made my shed a tear. That ending still makes me sit through the end credits. Chilling.

> Brian Deacon, “Jesus”. Campus Crusade fans? Anyone? Of course, you have seen this one. Check the description on the Philly paper. Nice.

> [The great] Jim Caviezel, “The Passion of the Christ.” A lifelong Vatican II Roman Catholic took this role particularly personal. No kidding? I would say he captured the part. Brilliant.