Recently, Gallup came out with an interesting poll that rates the importance of religion per state (and shout out for the masonry from WOW News’ “Times Online” from the UK).

mississippi-god-plateSo, word of warning to all those who think the union is actually color coded thanks to those political telestrators, there apparently is a real reason why all those red states are still south of the Mason Dixon line.

According to the poll, a whopping 85 percent of the state of Mississippi consider religion to be an important part of daily life.

That’s more than four out of five folks hanging out in “The Hospitality State” at least show God that very thing.

So, what state just shows God the door? That would be due north to Vermont. The state known for its huge surplus of maple syrup doesn’t lay it on so thick for Jesus. Pity.

Oddly enough, where does “Palin land” splash on this list? Fifth from last at 51 percent. Ah well, Sarah. You still have time to carry the state, what with your 24 clock beeping stealthy backward to 2012 and all.


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