Doritos. Hyundai. Coca-Cola. Budweiser. And a hilarious one from These were the nice ads during yesterday’s Super Bowl (despite the $3 million price tag). If you missed any of them, AdAge has the full dossier.

However, the one not on that list – and the one destined to never see a whiff of television broadcast – was from Fidelis, a Chicago-based Catholic organization that was given the Heisman from NBC when told, “Yeah, we aren’t airing advocacy ads.”

The advertisement in question? A :30 animated sonogram of a baby with a story, and who would be president. Yeah, they thought it would be catchy to use Barack Obama’s story as the epicenter of this ad. Think they want a redo on this one, or was this by “intelligent design”? After all, just consider what they can do with that truckload of cash not spent; yet, they are still getting all this press.

The focus is for people to imagine the potential of every human life; however, do you see potential or just a cheap advertising ploy to get folk talking about an age-old agenda? You be the judge, click on the TV below and enjoy:

  1. kitty says:

    I’m glad they did not show it just the church telling people how to live there live

    • hiscrivener says:

      True, but isn’t your opinion suggesting the other side of how people should live? While Christians are permitted to say whatever they want – like anyone else – it’s how they say it that makes them effective. And I don’t this commercial would have been. That said, I agree with you. I’m glad it didn’t air either.

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