At the HiScrivener household, we are a XBOX 360 family.

Maybe it’s the controller. Quite possibly it’s the grandfathered original XBOX games I had, and am just too frugal to spend $50 twice for the same CD. Whatever the reason, Santa knew what to bring my lil’ Wall Watcher – and his thumb blisters haven’t healed yet.

However, both my sister and sister-in-law purchased the Wii for their munchkins – and it’s great, with the exception of that plasma TV being ruined with the nunchaku I careened during a vicious game of bowling.

wii-love-jesus2But now, the game has become a tool. Call it an epiphany, or just the result of boredom playing baseball 182 times in a row.

I have discovered a way to witness with this technology unlike anyway you could with a PS3 or a X360. “Wii Love Jesus!”

It’s so easy to introduce my family to Jesus – just create his avatar. Who knew?! I didn’t… and there he is.

So, here’s my challenge to Wall Watchers everywhere: if you are in the store or at a friend’s house, remember Wii Love Jesus! If you are a little embarrassed to witness, Wii love Jesus. Not sure of the address for certain scriptures? Wii love Jesus. Looking for that divine opportunity to discuss your Savior with loved ones and complete strangers alike? Wii love Jesus.

Whatever the reason and whenever the season: Wii love Jesus!

I’m telling you, it worked. Both households and I discussed not the mysteries of the Gospel, or the riddles of the universe, but rather why did I create my God on a video game. Easy. Just like most of my friends and family, “Wii love Jesus!”

So, Wall Watchers, if you got pictures and a story, I got a blog post with your name and testimony all over it. Post a comment or send me a e-mail. Peace.

  1. Sunday Service on 25 Jan 2009
    Change – that was the word of the day. With calls for change in US and other parts of the world, the Telugu Fellowship also resorted to the change – in the way they worshipped the Lord.

    The Holy Spirit filled the Church when the Worship Team sang songs of Praise and Worship. Every heart in the church was stirred when the spiritual leader, Bro.Sudhakar Rao, asked the congregation to invite the Lord into their hearts. Breaking with the tradition of having a formal service, the speaker for the day, Rev. Ruben Kanagalingam led the congregation into opening their hearts to the Lord. The message was very powerful and spirit filled.
    This was the first time when the congregation could whole heartedly praise, participate and worship the Lord the entire time. The change was evident. The congregation’s thirst for spirit filled Worship was fulfilled. This was the first of many steps towards attaining salvation. PRAISE BE TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. AMEN.
    The next service is on 1 Feb 2009 (sunday) at 4.00 p.m. Venue: Tamil Methodist Church, Brickfields (near Palm Court), Kuala Lumpur.
    we love jesus too

  2. hiscrivener says:

    The games are the same, but PS3 and XBOX are essentially the same. The Wii is the different one that creates anaerobic activities while being a couch potato.

    And that story you shared is great.

  3. Pamela says:

    I’m asking this sincerely. What is the difference in Xbox, Nintendo, Wii, etc.

    BTW there is a 30-year-old married couple that are in pain from playing with Wii for several hours. It was a Christmas present for the wife. I howled when I heard this.

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