Buddha statues at Kansas zoo, Jesus lizards start cursing inexplicably

Posted: January 23, 2009 in Legal Prejudice, On Your Wall, Religion Potpourri, The Obvious Files
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Meet David Engle of Overland Park, Kansas.

He is traipsing through the Kansas City Zoo with his family one fine day. Well, actually, the story doesn’t say if he was there with a family, or even a date. But if went to a zoo by himself, that would just be really sad, so I decided to presume he’s not a gomer.

Now, THIS is witnessing at the Zoo. Oy!

Now, THIS is witnessing at the Zoo. Oy!

Anywhoo, he finds the Bengal Tiger exhibit and flips his lid when he is met with people rubbing the rotund, protruding bellies of Buddha statues. The source of his angst? Righteous indignation.

“We can’t have a cross or a nativity scene on public property,” said Engle of Overland Park, who complained to a zoo employee. “It is phenomenal to me that the zoo would put up Buddha statues.”

Now, dig it, the BENGAL tiger exhibit. You know, the subcontinent? As in, not typically known for a pentecostal church, but that doesn’t stop Captain Legalism here from raising his voice so loud barnyard animals tuck tail and run for the closest hole in the ground.

The ironic thing is Buddhism isn’t typically associated with an entire country of two billion HINDUS!!! But I digress, sigh.

Engle, who said he and his family are Christians, said it was idolatry and “infuriating to God.”

See there, if I saw that in the zoo, I would just think cheeky design and a day of bland shopping at Pier 1 or Bombay led to the invasion of the pot-bellied deistic brother. But this cat wants to renew the Holy Crusades and complains to the manager. Nice.

“The zoo stays out of all politics and religion,” [Zoo Director Randy] Wisthoff said. “I’m sorry somebody interpreted it that way. I appreciate his comments and concerns. We will discuss it with our board leadership and see if they want me to get rid of them.

MEMO to Engel: Next time, you visit the zoo, consider your geography, history and theology before you appear as just some tool and cause those poor, defenseless “Jesus Lizards” to have the atheist animals ask, “So, is this how your people act all the time?”

  1. wickle says:

    Engle, who said he and his family are Christians, said it was idolatry and “infuriating to God.”

    What was infuriating to God? That someone thinks He gets riled up over decorations at the zoo? Maybe …

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