Technically, prostitution is a faith-based service. Right?

Posted: January 22, 2009 in Above the Fold, IJS, OMG!, On Your Wall, The Obvious Files
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Oh, so THAT'S how they do it?!

Oh, so THAT'S how they do it?!

At least if there were, this tool from Ohio – Robert Eric McFadden – wouldn’t be in jail, stinking up the joint and accused of being a deplorable hypocrite.

Robert Eric McFadden is accused of trading information about online escorts and prostitutes who worked the streets, including a 17-year-old girl. Police say he also helped organize a $10-a-ticket raffle that offered an evening with a prostitute.

Okay, so he’s an entrepreneur. You been unemployed?

The economy is… er, oh, sorry… he was employed while running this online rating system for hookers. He was served as the director of Faith-Based and Community Initatives under Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. (Yeah, you knew there was a hook to get plastered on the Wall, didn’t ya’?)

Dude, unless you pray to God you don’t catch some vicious STD while cheating on your wife, there is no faith-base to this criminal – and completely creepy – enterprise. Maybe you should have drafted a business plan, IJS.

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