As expected, today on the Wall is all about the quaint shindig you may have caught somewhere on the TV or online yesterday. There may have been a thing or two to discuss about God to make it Wall worthy. Hrm

rick-warren-inaugurationSo, to begin the conversation, anyone catch Rick Warren’s inauguration prayer – you know, the one that pushed the proverbial evangelical envelope as much as it could be pushed without reciting a sinner’s prayer?

He clamored what was expected in ways like tiptoeing the fence of spirituality, certain to not teeter and totter during his balancing act thus aggravating the political sharks on both sides of said fence. Then again, he completely blew the doors of inclusion and waxed an eloquent prayer that had a little something for everyone:

  • Jesus was surreptitiously extolled as, “the one who changed [Rick Warren’s] life.” I was looking for the name of Christ, but this was a more than suitable substitute, brother.
  • Then he tickles the ears of rabbis and Imams alike in one seamless sentence: “Hear O’ Israel, the Lord is our God. The Lord is One… [You are] the compassionate and merciful one.” Placed side by side with ease, Warren  exercised better foreign relations more deftly than the Israelis post-carpet bombing Gaza. Nice.
  • Then, as if he didn’t seem completely transparent with his work across the religious aisle, Warren panegyrized the name of Jesus in more languages than a Parallel Bible – English, Spanish, Arabic and Hebrew
  • Lastly, believing he was about to get a nasty gram couriered to him from the Vatican, Warren smoothly transitions into the Lord’s Prayer. And although Jesus came up with it first in the “Sermon on the Mount,” the Catholics try to grandfather squatter’s right to the recitation.

To summate, Warren’s adoring PR man, A. Larry Ross (I’m biased here, self-admittedly, but he deserves it) had this to say:

“He’s a Christian pastor,” Warren’s spokesman Larry Ross told Fox News Monday. “He’s going to pray the only kind of prayer he knows how to pray. He is going to pray consistent with his calling as an evangelical pastor.”

Evangelical, for certain. If that dude threw out a bigger net, the game warden would have fined him for excessive fishing. Brother was on a mission, and he succeeded. Yes, it was obvious. But then, shouldn’t most ministry?

Here, here, pastor. Oh, MEMO to Warren: What’s the BarackStar’s daughter’s name again? I’m just sayin’ you may want to practice, just in case you are invited back to another conviviality in four years.


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