In the 36 years since Roe V. Wade (January 22, 1973), abortion is probably still the most highly contested not only in the nation, but also in the Church.

No, really. Being “religious” or “spiritual” is of no consequence. To this day, only 40 percent want to make abortion illegal in “all or most cases”. As in, you know, way more than that.

Recently, the Pew Forum found that most religious traditions is either one side of the proverbial fence… or the other. Huh? Let’s see, biblical dogma says life STARTS at the moment of conception, not delivery. So, one would think the dark gray “illegal in most cases” would be blinding.

Nah, not in this uber-PC world in which we live! Folk think zygotes don’t have a pulse, and that stupid technology called sonograms is actually just one of those ViewMasters and it’s all fake. So, where would the majority of your “faith” fall – not just denominations, but those affiliations as well?

BTW, I need to renew my subscription to the “Watchtower”, because some of those folk know where they stand. See for yourself:



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