So, in case you have been buried under a rock somewhere in the middle of the Sahara Desert, under some sand and without a GPS unit, you would have heard Ted Haggard has been in the news.

nancy-pelosiOne day, he is one of the most influential men in Christendom. The next, he is lathered up with baby oil calling some dude name Mike, “Me-chelle, My Belle.”

And while he is out pimping his horrific story to any publisher and TV network with a pulse, he found a new BFF in the world’s least likely place for a Christian – Capitol Hill and its Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, according to WOW News’ and CBN’s David Brody.

Talk about reaching across the aisle! Now here’s an odd pair. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reached out to fallen pastor Ted Haggard through her daughter. Confused?

Very nice. Keep rocking with that big brain, Dave. Next?

In an interview with me this afternoon, Haggard—a onetime friend and former occasional guest at George W. Bush’s White House—says the support from the Pelosi family is one reason he’s much more favorable about Democrats and their agenda today than before his fall. His change of economic circumstances also played a big role in the process.

[Insert your favorite Scooby Doo “ri-ron’t-ro-Raggy” sound here]. This girl probably has a smoking card fresh with ACLU invisible ink in her purse, but she made time to make an appointment for this guy?! Well, not if you ask her personally… namely if your name is David Brody.

Ah well, at least he can add one person to his Christmas list. Whether the card gets to her door is another story all together, but never mind that right now.

  1. hiscrivener says:

    Here. Here.

    I suppose once a preacher is all over the tube, he can’t help himself. The guy needs privacy and alone time with Jesus, not this mess. Pity.

  2. Strange… I am not seeing fruit in keeping with repentance with Haggard. It is too bad he decided to remove himself from the restoration process.

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