GOBAMA: He’s the equal-opportunity offender with prayer

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Good for a Giggle, IJS, OMG!, Politics
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Do you have the TiVo set to record the historic presidential inauguration? If not, you may miss the world’s worst attempt at being P.C.

obama-messiahOriginally, the BarackStar chose a controversial source for enlightenment – Rick Warren – to kick off his administration in prayer.

Not such a problem, right? He figures that dude isn’t that well known for preaching in the name of Jesus, so his GLBT faction won’t get so terribly upset. Yeah, not so much.

So, he gets frantic. What can he do to appease the atheists, calm down the liberals and get his homosexual voters down from the edge. Ah, according to WOW News’ The Seeker, have an openly gay Bishop pray for him too. Yeah, that’ll fix ’em.

On Sunday, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop will offer a prayer at the Lincoln Memorial at an inaugural event for President-elect Barack Obama. The selection of New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson for Sunday’s event follows weeks of criticism from gay-rights groups over Obama’s decision to have Warren pray at his Jan. 20 inauguration.

And just for kicks, “Bishop” Robinson doesn’t even plan to pray with the Bible citing issues the KJV doesn’t match his shoes:

“While that is a holy and sacred text to me, it is not for many Americans,” Robinson said. “I will be careful not to be especially Christian in my prayer. This is a prayer for the whole nation.”

Uh, yeah. About that? Either you are an ordained Bishop in the very Church that supposedly calls Jesus Christ, LORD, or you just dig wearing black because it makes you look like an ar-teest. And if so, please sit down and shut up!

Well, that’s what I say. Rick Warren has said something too, but eh, it’s all kosher to him:

President-elect Obama has again demonstrated his genuine commitment to bringing all Americans of good will together in search of common groud,” he said in a statement to Christianity Today reported on the magazine’s Politics Blog. I applaud his desire to be the president of every citizen.’

Aw shucks. You know, I thought when he won the election, his desire to “be president of every citizen” was kind of a moot point. He is president of every citizen, but even politicians have to stand on something. That is, unless there’s room on that fence you are currently practicing your balancing act upon. Hrm?

  1. hiscrivener says:

    Edgar – So true. Before the grand hype and hullabaloo, the BarackStar could have stayed in the Oval Office for four straight years, never said a word and still come out better than his predecessor. Now? He better create another New Deal, free some indigenous group of people and win a war. Only then, will his presidency live up to the hype.

    Anna – Aside from the angles taken on the Wall, our focus on Obama has absolutely nothing to do with politics. You should read this post, which is indicative of what you were searching. The focus is to get people, regardless of political affiliation and faith-centric denomination, thinking about how Christ does things and is lifted up. Obama is our president, and regardless how he feels about abortion (the holy grail for all Republican voters), we should all still pray for him. That said, asking a man who says he worships God and teaches all the precepts of the Bible; yet, openly lives like that is not setting a good precedent for people of faith – the preacher, not the president. And that was merciful.

  2. Anna Marie Hopewell says:

    Whilst i understand that many Christians are upset and worried about the prospect of a democratic president and have very clear opposing views to some of his personal beliefs and policies – as a Christian myself, i find the christian response to Obama disappointing and misleading.

    Sure, he’s not perfect and he’s not good (Christ himself said nobody is good, aside from the father) – So why then do we place politicians on a platform that was made for God alone?

    Obama’s job is to lead the country – and to do the best job he can do at it.

    He is not a priest or a teacher of the bible and his leadership will only be determined on his own personal walk with God – something which no man (or woman for that matter) is in any place to judge. God alone knows how and when his son calls to him – and he alone can determine where his character is flawed and needs to be sharpened. NOT US!

    Representing every kind of person – including the criminals, the homosexuals and every other kind of person that so-called Christians would have a hard time liking, is therefore, part of his Presidential job description.

    And what incidentally, was Jesus’ model in dealing with all types of people groups?

    Did he come as the accuser or did he come in love? Did he call solely for repentance or did he patiently spend time getting to know these people in order to re-direct their path?

    Even, on the cross, He had time for forgiveness and mercy.

    My friend, I am worried.

    There is nothing merciful about your blog – or about the tone with which your address Obama.
    Name-calling? Derogatory terms and language? Is that what Jesus modeled for us all?

    By even posting this and making it public, you are giving fuel to the naysayers who would want us to keep ‘our Jesus’ out of schools, politics and every other important arena.

    Faith. Hope. Love.

    Please, just try LOVE.

    Your sister-in-Christ,

  3. Edgar says:

    I had to miss the show since I had to go to work but… my wife tells me it wasn’t that great. She said Rick Warren mentioned Jesus’ name a couple of times (which I guess we thought he wouldn’t)…and that El Presidente messed up his lines when he was being sworn in. Too much pressure.

    Let’s hope he does well. He has too many people to please!

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