MLK DAY: The Cornerstone of the Wall

Posted: January 19, 2009 in Follow up, Inside 411, WWJD
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While this is not a post about Dr. King, and there are a few on this Wall of nice graffiti worth the read, this post is good to note on this day.

The throng of pageantry will be sprawled over the Mall on Washington unlike anything we have seen that mystical, heralded day in the 60s when Dr. King took the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and etched the words of his dream in the minds of us all.

The Church should take notice. If one man can unite a country – or at least seemingly do it with an oath on a dusty Bible – then why not the Church behind Jesus? Forget denominations and affiliations. Cast aside your church membership and fancy titles. We are the Body of Christ, and in this post, lists a few reasons why.

Happy MLK Day, everyone! Whether you looked like Dr. King or not, you do benefit from this day. Peace. Enjoy “The Cornerstone of the Wall.”


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